Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nohari Test

Jf: wow.. you sure you want a nohari window done??
Jf: those words are pretty harsh
Jf: never got round to doing the johari one
me: hahahah
me: why not?
me: i'd like ppl to tell me what r my weaknesses
me: since they cant say it to My FACE
me: hahaha
Jf: oki
me: i sent it out expecting the worse
Jf: haha
Jf: ok
me: i don care who say wat lor... (not true)
me: maybe can reflect frm there
Jf: i'll have a look later
me: hehe
Jf: that's good...
Jf: i commend you that you are starting with the bad stuff
Jf: most ppl won't be able to handle the nohari

And the result of my Nohari Test...Jeng, jeng, jeng!

I am one fucking hundred percent needy and self-satisfied. Ooookay. I googled the definition of Needy and this is what I have got:

need·y adj. need·i·er, need·i·est
Being in need; impoverished.

Wanting or needing affection, attention, or reassurance, especially to an excessive degree.

I have got to say whoever picked this REALLY didn't know me well. Fact is, everyone needs reassurance every now and then. It is perfectly normal to ask questions like, 'Do I look good in these?' or 'Should I quit my job and join ABC co?' But to an 'excessive degree? I don't think so. Maybe back in nineteen ninety four. Yeah, the nineties. Maybe they think i'm 'impoverished'....hahahaha...is that obvious meh? :p

Self-satisfied? Hummmmm.....I've got no comments *smug*

The others are like insecure (i'm human! not God!), overdramatic, chaotic, simple, inflexible, loud (quite agree, agree, agree, semi-agree, agree) ...and, now, this one totally bummed me out: UNHAPPY? I am, just for the record, very happy with my life, really. Especially lately. It's hard to word it out. I guess u3 is right...

me: wow not bad
me: ppl think im needy
me: needy means wat ah?
u3: i have no idea
u3: hahaha
u3: there are not much choices which i want to choose from
u3: and i dont know your bad side much
me: yeah man!
u3: so some are just saja only
me: same goes for u!
u3: maybe THBJ migh thave more to say
u3: ahhaha
me: yeah as usual

But, I am glad I let my fren did that test for me and pointed out my weaknesses. At least I could tell how they see me. Maybe I should tone down a bit when I laugh lest I'd be called overdramatic.

But, which gay men isnt?

: )

Fast forward today. I wrote this post yesterday after receiving the results from frens. When I read it again today, I thought, gee, so drama wan. Maybe I should not post it. But, it's blogworthy. What the hell.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Di Sini Hantu, Di Sana Hantu ...

Last weekend, again, had been a lot of fun & productive.

We got out last Saturday nite 'cos 1) it was Halloween nite 2) we wanted to partay! Although none of us dressed up as 'Pontianak', or 'Hantu Susu', we spotted quite a few. First, it was at Soul'ed Out and then, in LQ. At Soul'ed Out, there were quite a few walking 'zombies' roaming around the restaurant/pub. Some convincingly adorable (yeah, adorable), others quite silly looking. But, mostly it was applaudable for their effort...I should not discuss about what they did to the gents. The latter (LQ), we spotted quite a number of 'salah hantu'...

SALAH HANTUs? Ok, imagine pink feathers put together and stuck on to a Muscle Mary's (yes, he was quite in character) back which turned out to be unimaginative & erm, lame. Then there was 'Hantu Cheras' who dressed up in a cape, 'fang' and nothing else. Oh wait. I think there was a hot mini pants. Touche. And, there was this dude completely dolled up like that little grudging boy from 'The Grudge', just that he was a little too big to be him.

My favourites have got to be 'Pontianak Baju Kurung' & 'Barenaked Angels', which was named by BTBB. I'd say that was quite imaginative considering that he was already buzzed right before the party started *giggles* BTBB, not 'Barenaked Angels'. 'Hantus' aside, we all had a lot of fun. I think the last time I had so much fun was when a fren from the States came back to visit. It also proved to me that night that 6 degrees of separation is so understated.

I am happy to read that the 'Hantu' from Klang has been stripped off his title and some of his illegal shops have been instructed to close down. What took them so long to decide? It was blardy obvious he is corrupted. Think I've had enough of all these 'hantu politiks'.

I think I have been quite inspired by some new found frens lately. It is nice to know that they are ppl out there who are willing to share and be supportive of what you do even if you do not know them or seen them (yes, paul, you're one of them hehe...). Sadly, I can't say that of some of my close frens. But, i guess the word close is quite relative. I don't know, really *Shrugs*

Go watch 'The Departed' if you have not cos it is very very good. 'Infernal Affairs' (HK) was much stylised and slower pace, 'The Departed' is fast and furious. You could tell the actors are very much into their characters. Leo's intensity and hopelessness, and the sex-starve, cold-blooded Jack Nicholson. Definitely not for the faint-hearted or chicks.

Highly Recommended CDs:

+ James Morrisson's 'Undiscovered'. Not at all James Blunt (all the radio DJs seemed to call him that. So sad). Raw talent, great voice, full of soul and you could certainly feel the emotions in each songs. Undiscovered is so appropriately titled. Guess not anymore.

+ P Diddy's 'Press Play' Yes, i cant believe i recommend y'all p diddy but it is fcking good shits. A few notable tracks but mostly featuring a lot of other artistes. I guess that's what happened when you can only rap.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


There's no more haze! It's something that the country should celebrate about! I could finally see KLCC and Menara Telekom from my crib! And, smell the fresh air! Arghh.....

When I first read about the released of Sony 'Mylo' on the newspaper weeks back, I was so grinnin' like a school boy cos of it's super cool design and its super cool functions. 'Mylo' is all about fun, says the Sony dude. It offers users super cool way of instant messaging anywhere, everywhere (WIFI/Bluetooth enabled) and multimedia functions ie MP3 player, and video. Sounds like a super cool version of iPod. However, what disappoints me is that it does not have a built-in camera. The device allows users to store images, why not have a built-in camera? My guess is as good as yours. 'Mylo ver. 2' with built-in camera! Whooey! Stupid marketing strategy.

I have finally seen the finale of 'Project Runway 3'. Jeffrey, the obnoxious, melodramatic dude who used to have a problem with his anger, took home the USD100,000 cash prize and other goodies. No doubt his collection was the most innovative one amongst the four of them, but I really like Uli's collection and same goes to Laura. To pick Uli as the winner would've been too predictable for the judges, I supposed. I think having to showcase their work on the Olympus Fashion Week is good enough for them since that is the time they could show it to millions of people that they are talented.

Jeffrey's design

Laura's Design

Uli's Design

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I think a fren is pissed off with me....like, mtv 'Boiling Points'.I am not sure if he is referring to me. Ok, let's pretend that this is a 'perasan' case and that i owe him and the world an explanation with reference to his article just so he or others could understand why i did what i did.

Why is it that everytime i called you to go out for a drink/dinner/etc, you have to turn me down?

Hmm, let's see. I work from Monday to Saturday. Monday, and Friday evenings are the days i hit the gym and it is crucial that i do not miss it cos i can be very unhappy if i did. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days when i work till late, esp. Wednesday cos I hit the gym first thing in the morning ie 7.00am (try my best lah) and i work till 9pm. I will be very exhausted by then and really, i'd rather stay home, chill out and watch the tv.

How about Monday and Friday nights after your gym?

Monday is tv nite. Yes, you hear me... im hooked on Amazing Race 10, House, Nip/Tuck & Entourage. Friday after gym, i'd like to catch 'So, you think you can dance?' However, it doesnt mean that I do not like to go out if someone asks

Then, why did you turn me down, like, 95% of the time?

I think i'm getting old. Too darn lazy to drive to mamaks unless if it is really a special occassion ie frens from overseas are back, birthdays etc. I never missed any of these. Also, i like my crib, and my tv :)

So, DT. I really am not a diva or primadonna here. It has also been so darn busy at work cos of the festive seasons .....So, if i still cant answer your questions and if u still insist to write me off, then i'm gonna use Entourage most famous quote:

Let's HUG it out, B*tch!

...and, let's go party this wknd! *nudge nudge*

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sexy (Back)

You know when 'Sexy Back' was released, i was so hooked to it, i had to listen at least once a day. At one time, i told ad that this song is a great track for a fashion show, esp. for Victoria Secret's annual fashion show (around Christmas time).

And, guess what? JT has been scheduled to headline the most anticipated event of the year! And, i'm guessing he's not gonna show his sexy back but sing it (cos, really, i'd rather see adriana lima's or gisele's bon bon).

Speaking of sexy back, check out these photos shot by Steve Klein for Vogue's magazine recently. Really nice photos eventho' i am not crazy about the subject(s) matter.

Superficial Divas

Still on entertainment biz, TJ Knight who plays George in Grey's Anatomy has come out recently. Aww.... he's gotta be the cutest gay actor in tinseltown.

Monday, October 23, 2006

Featured Website: "Babel"

Babel >

Summary of my Weeknd

The Prestige


That was Christian Bale's last word before he got....CHOPE! Ok, i shall not spoil it for those who have not seen 'The Prestige', which was initially called 'The Illussionists', which i personally feel is a better title than 'The Prestige'; same goes to the God-awful movie poster on our local dailies that they have chosen for the 'Asian market' just so they could draw in more audience as compared to the original one.

So anyways. Prior to watching the show last Saturday, i had not read any reviews of the movie and i stopped my fren, BTBB, whom i bumped into before the movie from revealing or sharing any of his ideas or dissatisfaction etc to me. i do not want to be affected by his views.

The movie turned out to be one of the best movies i've seen so far this year. The multi layer of the story, the execution of the movie ie direction, cinematography to costume and editing was very, very good. i have admired christopher nolan's work (the director) since his 'Memento' day, and of cos, the more commercialised albeit darkest (and bestest) Batman movie, 'Batman Begins'.

I like the way he told the story, flash back etc, and how good the actors are in potraying their characters, esp. Bale and Jackman. Do pay attention to the fine costumes these actors get to wear. Almost like 'Vogue for Men'. Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' has got a strong contender in the costume dept. Definitely worth watching. Oh, and pay attention to the ending.


The birth of Air Asia in our country had created a lot of biz opportunities for the young people if not great travelling experiences within their menial paycheck budget they get every month, like yours truly. Many ppl have traveled to BKK, Jakarta, Bali to name just a few places and bought container loads of goods to be sold in flea markets and little shops in some of the mega-malls that can only be found in Malaysia (TRULY Asia). Some of the most common ones are accessories, shoes, and bags.

If not out of boredom ie running out of ideas what to do on the wknds, I wouldn't have stepped into Sg Wang on a Sunday because of the crazy human traffic. I was, nonetheless, impressed by the type of merchandise these guys have designed or brought in from other countries. How they displayed their merchandise in the tiny little space they have - some good, some bad but mostly are inspiring. You sorta know they do not have mega-budget but at least they try. It is good to see that happenin' in KL and understandbly, these guys have got the opportunities to travel more that helped them to come up with their respective biz ideas.

Now I can pay RM35.00 for a really cool t-shirt and not RM99.00 for a branded ZARA t-shirt that the other guy could also be wearing. And, custom-designed Converse shoes for only RM89.00. Now, that's FUNKY.


How they come up with that name? Think Bradgelina, Bennifer & TomKat. Geez, imagine my best fren & her hubby names combined in that fashion...Reubiline? LoL

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya.

Friday, October 20, 2006

gym, FOL & scrambled croissant

The morning started off pretty good cos i went to the gym. what is so special, i hear u asking? After two stressful days at work, i think it is high time for me to hit the gym & sweat it out before i turned into a foul mood, long face, bossy a**hole at work :p

Body Pump class was great. It was better with a positive attitude instructor who smiles most of the time. And, the location of the gym. Also, the people; half of them in the class are at least 35 and above. Uncle in cycling shorts with matching black socks pulled almost up to his knee who was very smiley; in fact, i think he smiles more than he did squats. Standing next to him was an uncle who's trying to funk it up with his gym gear ie colorful headband & sleeveless shirt. and in front me...check this ....a very funky old lady (FOL), possibly in her fifties, all dolled up in latest Nike gear (full black, if u must know), and colorful hairpins AND a matching headband who did squats with 10kg on each side of her bar. i was impressed, and kinda worried, too.

i met FOL (funky old lady) earlier when i was runnin' on the treadmill. she was cycling in a 'relax mode' right in front of me and i was thinking to myself, "She's got some funky hair accessories on her. You go, aunty!" of cos, i didn't tell her that lah... but, i really didn't expect her to sign up for Pump, let alone lifting more than i did during the Back track! i wasn't, of cos, stereotyping her or any old ppl, really. on the contrary, i am happy seeing old people working out in the gym. in fact, i much prefer them than the younger crowd who are usually snotty, loud, rude, kiasu & hostile.

i thought i could quickly grab my breakfast at devi's corner (fresh plain thosai & half boiled eggs & a cuppa teh tarik - i've given up on havin' 6 packs) after gym, but time didn't permit. instead, i got a cuppa tea, fresh baked croissant with scrambled eggs and rushed to the office. what happened next was really embarrassing. i quickly opened up the plastic wrapper and took the first bite of the croissant. while doing so, i was trying to open the tea cup. THUD. the sound of my croissant sitting on the cement floor in front of me. i was like, FCK!

almost spoiled my day. almost...

gym in the morning helped. seriously.

ps: my first post on gym

Monday, October 16, 2006


i have like, 3 million things to do.

figure of speech, of cos. i like to exaggerate things to really emphasise the point. or, am i deep down a drama queen? hmmm.....maybe a tad bit. like, 25%. i am a 110% drama queen when im buzzed or stress, tho' :P

speaking of alcohol, i haven't been drinking since i really do not know when. i have been wanting to try this cocktail recipe ive got from
GQ mag. it's a mixture of bailey's and coffee and ice-cream. yum.

i should be going back to work now since i've wasted 10,000 seconds writing this. short note to those who have visited my blog and left comments, thanks so much.

sam, i thought jonathan's reply to you on 'Why oh Why' post was totally hilarious. and, ive to agree with you that politics are stupid. and some ppl are just born cute (sigh, i've got to accept it). and being single ain't that bad, really. go out more and have lotsa fun! geee...did i jus sound like aunt agony? what the...

Drama queens turned Desperate Housewives? - YAWN -

Friday, October 13, 2006

A conversation with a 'Scientist'

This was an actual conversation with a soon to be 9-year-old boy a month ago.

Boy was humming away to an unidentified song (to the author) from High School Musical.

Me: So what would like to be when you've grown up?

Boy promptly stopped humming and answered nonchalantly: A scientist!

Me: A scientist? Seriously? (Ok, i know i should not said 'Seriously' but i was shocked and it came out prior to me thinking that by saying that i could affect his cognitive process .... errr.)

Boy: YEAH! I would like to be a scientist cos it's cool!

Me: (Cool?) Hmm...that's good. But, scientists don't talk a lot (reference made on him. see, he is a hyperactive boy who can't stop talking if not humming or singing).

Boy: NO! Scientist talks a lot that's why there are scientists!

Me: (What the...) Ok.

Last night.

Boy suddenly asked: How old are you?

Putting down the book i was reading, i replied: Hmm...i was born in 197X.

Boy: Yeah. So how old are you?

Me: Do the Math, kiddo.

Boy quickly picked up a pencil and started scribbling on a book seemingly DOING the Math to find out how old i am. Minutes later...

Boy: Oh my God! You're one thousand eight hundred fifty years old!

i rolled my eyes. no i didn't. i think i fidget. but i definitely grinned. i said...

You mean, in terms of hours? Hehe...

Unanimous laughters from boy's brother and sister.

Unperturbed, he continued scribbling on the book. A little annoyed now, he said...

OK. You gotta be 29? 25? 26? Tell me, cmon!

i shook my head and said: I thought you want to be a scientist? Scientists are good in Maths, yaknw. (Ok, i was really trying to irk him)

Boy grunted and wasn't pleased with me at all.

Boy: You looked young. you have a young body. but ur eyes look old...

Me: (WHAT THE FCK!) haha....

Boy: Yeah, like Ah Poh. she is old but her hair is young and then her ... erm. how old are YOU? Tell me!

At that point, my mind had wandered and i ignored him for 30 over seconds thinking about how observant he is with my OLD eyes! i need CLINIQUE's eye cream! Oh sinful him sworn by it.

just so you know, i still have not told him my age. i said this: it's your mission for the week. let me know the next time you see me. no asking around.

Boy: Oh man...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

top spin

i was driving back home after a pretty late dinner at bangsar with ad. windows were opened, and the cool breeze of the evening was rather pleasant. and, at that moment, my cd player was playing Keane's 'Bad Dream'. it was not the first time i listened to that song. but last night was the first time i truly fell in love with it. it is like, when you first met a person, you think he/she was pretty alright. good looking, funny, & smells not too bad. but, the following meeting in a particular location or weather, it suddenly struck on you ur in love with him/her. isn't that strange? fyi, it had happened to me :)

the following track was John Mayer's 'Dreaming with a Broken Heart'. it was spot on. cos...err, i got all sentimental *blush* and, i thought it could be a great song to be included in Grey's Anatomy.

i still have not got hold of Jet's sophomore album, 'Shine On' but there have been rave reviews.
i can't wait.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


questions i don't (necessary) need answers: -

  1. why don't they have a funky green or magenta or sky blue Swift?
  2. why is our so-called Senator so fcking stupid?
  3. why would a band called themselves, erm, Dashboard Confessional?
  4. why do good people die (young) and bad people are still roaming around ... hurting/killing more people?
  5. why can't someone create car paint that is scratch-free?
  6. why do people fall in love so easily and fall out of love so much more ... difficult?
  7. why do people tell lies?
  8. why is josh harnett so fcking hot?
  9. why can't jessica simpson go back to her hometown and have lotsa kids? and stop singing?
  10. why is it that New Icon is such a lame magazine? That it only sells ads to the readers? (hint: lack of good quality articles)
  11. why is it so fcking difficult to have abs!
  12. why can't people be more tolerant with each other?
  13. why is it that i am so lookin' forward to Amazing Race Asia?
  14. why can't someone bring in some funky gym labels for men?
  15. why do people post tacky pictures online?

i could go on... but i will stop


Monday, October 9, 2006


after three days of holidays ... that's at least 15 hours of driving to our destination, around the island & back ... i am totally beaten. i fell asleep watching 'Scary Movie 4' last night. yes, ive finally seen it which, (surprise, surprise) turns out to be sucky.

the trip was not as relaxing as Perhentian, or Tioman but it was nice cos we got to eat some of the best local food; namely, Char Kway Teow, iced kacang w/ fruits of your choice, rojak & .... i think that was it!!! hahaha....pathetic, i know. we spent most of the time driving, getting lost, & bitching about how difficult to get around in Penang (on the first and second day) and...shopping! yes, we did quite a bit of shopping in Penang. ad opted to shop and checked out Fitness First (roll eyes) instead of going to Kek Lok Si, Bukit Bendera, Snake Temple etc eventhough it was his first time in penang. i reckon it was an easy choice since the weather was hazy (1st day), scorching hot (2nd day and CLEAR skies!) and hazy again (last day). so, if you were to ask me where to makan-makan in penang, i can direct you to Swatow Lane in the city, that's it. :p and paul, we did eat quite a bit! lotsa crappy food before we found swatow lane, that is.

anyways, penang has changed quite a bit since the last time i was there three years ago. lotsa condominium projects in the city and by the beach side, and there are more cars. people are more affluent that is slowly becoming like KL. i hope the implementation of public transport which includes LRT will improve the traffic. and i am unsure if they could do anything to the sea water ie murky, brownish... we were mostly sun bathing and swimming by the poolside - thank God the heavy rain on the first night cleared the haze completely which allowed us to chill out by the poolside the following day. our definition of chill out is either playing scrabbles, mahjong cards (not tiles) or simply sun bathe. we did #3 only.

the other thing we liked about penang is the blardy cheap DVDs, and CDs. oh and mineral water. RM4.00 for a good copy of DVD is quite a steal, i'd say! so viv 'sapu-ed' quite a bit whilst i was more interested to go back to the hotel to sleep :P

on the second nite, we were treated to a blardy lively and superb performance by some drag queens and "queens" from Thailand for a dinner that we were attending at the ballroom which happened to be the only highlight of the evening. we were initially told that we do not need to attend the dinner, therefore, we did not pack any jeans. but last minute changes were made and reluctantly we made our ways to the ballroom in ahem, shorts. yes, shorts shorts. there were all sorts of VIPs that were present incl. the Chief Minister of Penang who serenaded us to sleep with his rendition of 'The Moon represents my Heart' (Teresa Teng) during dinner.

too bad i did not take his picture when he sang to us. it was a pretty fun trip. i have posted the pictures of our 'adventure' on my multiply. meantime, here are some snapshots taken from Madonna's latest and coolest video, 'Jump'. im pleased she did release this as a single cos it is one of my fav. tracks in the album. and, she looks hot in platinum blonde wig.

Thursday, October 5, 2006

off to the land of char kway teow, tambun biskits & horrible drivers!

im off to penang for 3 days and will be back ... hopefully cuter tanner and more kaching inspired.


Wednesday, October 4, 2006

supposed blog junkie

I have a lot of things that I wanted to blog lately.

Last Thursday, I wanted to blog about my shopping experience at Midvalley (MV). You see, i have not stepped into MV for eons cos ad doesn't like going there and we hardly shop these days. Well, let's just say i don't do shopping as much as when i was with my ex.

oooh...sensitive issue.

so yeah. shopping. it wasn't great. but it was theraupeutic (did i spell that right?). i think i like Top Man's new range. very RockStar.

And then, last Sunday I wanted to blog about Amazing Race um, mmmm......11? i lost count. but, yeah, i didn't write anything about AR#11 or #10? but we automatically like the HOT couple...no, no, no...not the BEAUTY QUEENS! ARGH, NOOOoooo...not the BALDING QUEENS! Sighhhhh......really, the ghetto queens are just not my thang. SO, go figure.

i miss Prison Break S#2 :(

...and whiny, Ally McBeal-ish Dr. Meredith Grey. well, for the most part, i miss McSteamy. I think they should have a McSteamy meal in McDonalds. that'll be hot.

im tired.

i was supposed to blog about the things tat irk me on the way to work today. like, how many crocodiles do these damn fucks want to kill just so they could find the REAL "bujang" who chomped away Ali? ok, i forgot the boy's name, so, im guilty but hey if his name is more glamourous, i woulda remembered. like, Mawie or Sami or Badwi.

ooohhh...sensitive issue#2.

and, hey u perverts out there! stop imagining all three of them fondling at each other, ok. cos that's NOT gonna happened!

im tired. i was supposed to blog about learning baking. i miss o brien's Banana Walnut muffin. sigh. and if ur wondering WTF are Josh Harnett's pics doing here, then, i suggest u can stop wondering and start lusting.

i need to lubricate my eyes.

ps: and, thanks for visiting and supporting bling design. more updates soon. oh, did i talk about The Devil wears Prada and how good it was? no? hmm..........now, i've got so much shits to talk about. i'm tired.