Wednesday, October 25, 2006


I think a fren is pissed off with, mtv 'Boiling Points'.I am not sure if he is referring to me. Ok, let's pretend that this is a 'perasan' case and that i owe him and the world an explanation with reference to his article just so he or others could understand why i did what i did.

Why is it that everytime i called you to go out for a drink/dinner/etc, you have to turn me down?

Hmm, let's see. I work from Monday to Saturday. Monday, and Friday evenings are the days i hit the gym and it is crucial that i do not miss it cos i can be very unhappy if i did. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are the days when i work till late, esp. Wednesday cos I hit the gym first thing in the morning ie 7.00am (try my best lah) and i work till 9pm. I will be very exhausted by then and really, i'd rather stay home, chill out and watch the tv.

How about Monday and Friday nights after your gym?

Monday is tv nite. Yes, you hear me... im hooked on Amazing Race 10, House, Nip/Tuck & Entourage. Friday after gym, i'd like to catch 'So, you think you can dance?' However, it doesnt mean that I do not like to go out if someone asks

Then, why did you turn me down, like, 95% of the time?

I think i'm getting old. Too darn lazy to drive to mamaks unless if it is really a special occassion ie frens from overseas are back, birthdays etc. I never missed any of these. Also, i like my crib, and my tv :)

So, DT. I really am not a diva or primadonna here. It has also been so darn busy at work cos of the festive seasons .....So, if i still cant answer your questions and if u still insist to write me off, then i'm gonna use Entourage most famous quote:

Let's HUG it out, B*tch!

...and, let's go party this wknd! *nudge nudge*

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