Monday, October 23, 2006

Summary of my Weeknd

The Prestige


That was Christian Bale's last word before he got....CHOPE! Ok, i shall not spoil it for those who have not seen 'The Prestige', which was initially called 'The Illussionists', which i personally feel is a better title than 'The Prestige'; same goes to the God-awful movie poster on our local dailies that they have chosen for the 'Asian market' just so they could draw in more audience as compared to the original one.

So anyways. Prior to watching the show last Saturday, i had not read any reviews of the movie and i stopped my fren, BTBB, whom i bumped into before the movie from revealing or sharing any of his ideas or dissatisfaction etc to me. i do not want to be affected by his views.

The movie turned out to be one of the best movies i've seen so far this year. The multi layer of the story, the execution of the movie ie direction, cinematography to costume and editing was very, very good. i have admired christopher nolan's work (the director) since his 'Memento' day, and of cos, the more commercialised albeit darkest (and bestest) Batman movie, 'Batman Begins'.

I like the way he told the story, flash back etc, and how good the actors are in potraying their characters, esp. Bale and Jackman. Do pay attention to the fine costumes these actors get to wear. Almost like 'Vogue for Men'. Sofia Coppola's 'Marie Antoinette' has got a strong contender in the costume dept. Definitely worth watching. Oh, and pay attention to the ending.


The birth of Air Asia in our country had created a lot of biz opportunities for the young people if not great travelling experiences within their menial paycheck budget they get every month, like yours truly. Many ppl have traveled to BKK, Jakarta, Bali to name just a few places and bought container loads of goods to be sold in flea markets and little shops in some of the mega-malls that can only be found in Malaysia (TRULY Asia). Some of the most common ones are accessories, shoes, and bags.

If not out of boredom ie running out of ideas what to do on the wknds, I wouldn't have stepped into Sg Wang on a Sunday because of the crazy human traffic. I was, nonetheless, impressed by the type of merchandise these guys have designed or brought in from other countries. How they displayed their merchandise in the tiny little space they have - some good, some bad but mostly are inspiring. You sorta know they do not have mega-budget but at least they try. It is good to see that happenin' in KL and understandbly, these guys have got the opportunities to travel more that helped them to come up with their respective biz ideas.

Now I can pay RM35.00 for a really cool t-shirt and not RM99.00 for a branded ZARA t-shirt that the other guy could also be wearing. And, custom-designed Converse shoes for only RM89.00. Now, that's FUNKY.


How they come up with that name? Think Bradgelina, Bennifer & TomKat. Geez, imagine my best fren & her hubby names combined in that fashion...Reubiline? LoL

Happy Deepavali & Selamat Hari Raya.


savante said...

Hey, I saw Prestige too and loved it! Even blogged about like ya :)

Sam said...

That's it! I'm going to see the Prestige.

It seems that every gay guy in town has seen it. Grrrr... LOL!