Friday, October 20, 2006

gym, FOL & scrambled croissant

The morning started off pretty good cos i went to the gym. what is so special, i hear u asking? After two stressful days at work, i think it is high time for me to hit the gym & sweat it out before i turned into a foul mood, long face, bossy a**hole at work :p

Body Pump class was great. It was better with a positive attitude instructor who smiles most of the time. And, the location of the gym. Also, the people; half of them in the class are at least 35 and above. Uncle in cycling shorts with matching black socks pulled almost up to his knee who was very smiley; in fact, i think he smiles more than he did squats. Standing next to him was an uncle who's trying to funk it up with his gym gear ie colorful headband & sleeveless shirt. and in front me...check this ....a very funky old lady (FOL), possibly in her fifties, all dolled up in latest Nike gear (full black, if u must know), and colorful hairpins AND a matching headband who did squats with 10kg on each side of her bar. i was impressed, and kinda worried, too.

i met FOL (funky old lady) earlier when i was runnin' on the treadmill. she was cycling in a 'relax mode' right in front of me and i was thinking to myself, "She's got some funky hair accessories on her. You go, aunty!" of cos, i didn't tell her that lah... but, i really didn't expect her to sign up for Pump, let alone lifting more than i did during the Back track! i wasn't, of cos, stereotyping her or any old ppl, really. on the contrary, i am happy seeing old people working out in the gym. in fact, i much prefer them than the younger crowd who are usually snotty, loud, rude, kiasu & hostile.

i thought i could quickly grab my breakfast at devi's corner (fresh plain thosai & half boiled eggs & a cuppa teh tarik - i've given up on havin' 6 packs) after gym, but time didn't permit. instead, i got a cuppa tea, fresh baked croissant with scrambled eggs and rushed to the office. what happened next was really embarrassing. i quickly opened up the plastic wrapper and took the first bite of the croissant. while doing so, i was trying to open the tea cup. THUD. the sound of my croissant sitting on the cement floor in front of me. i was like, FCK!

almost spoiled my day. almost...

gym in the morning helped. seriously.

ps: my first post on gym


savante said...

What a cute funky old lady! You should have gone for breakfast with her!

_ethnwg said...

hehe...shy ma.

really, i was late for work.

_ethnwg said...

hehe...shy ma.

really, i was late for work.

Sam said...

Funky old lady huh? =P Sounds like a nice person...

I'm with Paul! You should've asked her out for breakfast. ROFL. =P