Wednesday, October 11, 2006


questions i don't (necessary) need answers: -

  1. why don't they have a funky green or magenta or sky blue Swift?
  2. why is our so-called Senator so fcking stupid?
  3. why would a band called themselves, erm, Dashboard Confessional?
  4. why do good people die (young) and bad people are still roaming around ... hurting/killing more people?
  5. why can't someone create car paint that is scratch-free?
  6. why do people fall in love so easily and fall out of love so much more ... difficult?
  7. why do people tell lies?
  8. why is josh harnett so fcking hot?
  9. why can't jessica simpson go back to her hometown and have lotsa kids? and stop singing?
  10. why is it that New Icon is such a lame magazine? That it only sells ads to the readers? (hint: lack of good quality articles)
  11. why is it so fcking difficult to have abs!
  12. why can't people be more tolerant with each other?
  13. why is it that i am so lookin' forward to Amazing Race Asia?
  14. why can't someone bring in some funky gym labels for men?
  15. why do people post tacky pictures online?

i could go on... but i will stop


1 comment:

Sam said...

1. They don't have Swift in those colors because...

I have no idea why. Okay, next question...

2. Our senator is stupid because he's a senator. They're meant to be stupid - that's why politics are stupid.

3. Dashboard Confessional. Good question - a confessional is a place to confess... so a dashboard confessional has to be a confessional in a dashboard. Maybe their members are guilty dudes who keep having to run to their car and shout into the dashboards - just to get the guilt off.

4. God wants to accumulate a bunch of good people in heaven so they can watch a reality TV show called: End of the World - where He smites all the remaining baddies in the world.

5. Paint is scratchable no matter what. They should manufacture a car that's made out of some colored substance that's unscratchable.

6. I have no idea why do people fall in love so easily. I want to fall in love and it hasn't been easy. EVER.

7. People tell lies coz' they need to hide their guilt. If they can't hide their guilt - everyone will be needing a private dashboard confessional.

8. Josh Harnett is hot, coz' he just is.

9. Jessica Simpson can't help singing. It's the only one thing that connects her to Nick Lachey - and to get back with him, she needs to keep singing.

10. New Icon is a lame magazine because... it's new? Actually, I've never heard of it before.

11. It's freaking hard to get abs because we all just don't have the discipline to work out. Plus, the mamak shop across the street is always tempting us to order more roti canai.

12. People can never be tolerant of each other - they're always jealous over each other. But for all it's worth - thank god nobody's going: "Hey you have a dashboard confessional, I want my own!"

13. I'm looking forward to the Amazing Race Asia too. It'll be a smooth change - plus I really want to see that Malaysian couple lose. =P If they win - that's good. If they lose - it's still good... at least I get to laugh.

14. I don't know why anyone doesn't bring in any funky gym labels for men. But we can only guess...

15. People post tacky pictures online - because...

Good question. I have no idea about that either... but it's probably the same answer as to why some girls dress tackily in public. =P