Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nohari Test

Jf: wow.. you sure you want a nohari window done??
Jf: those words are pretty harsh
Jf: never got round to doing the johari one
me: hahahah
me: why not?
me: i'd like ppl to tell me what r my weaknesses
me: since they cant say it to My FACE
me: hahaha
Jf: oki
me: i sent it out expecting the worse
Jf: haha
Jf: ok
me: i don care who say wat lor... (not true)
me: maybe can reflect frm there
Jf: i'll have a look later
me: hehe
Jf: that's good...
Jf: i commend you that you are starting with the bad stuff
Jf: most ppl won't be able to handle the nohari

And the result of my Nohari Test...Jeng, jeng, jeng!

I am one fucking hundred percent needy and self-satisfied. Ooookay. I googled the definition of Needy and this is what I have got:

need·y adj. need·i·er, need·i·est
Being in need; impoverished.

Wanting or needing affection, attention, or reassurance, especially to an excessive degree.

I have got to say whoever picked this REALLY didn't know me well. Fact is, everyone needs reassurance every now and then. It is perfectly normal to ask questions like, 'Do I look good in these?' or 'Should I quit my job and join ABC co?' But to an 'excessive degree? I don't think so. Maybe back in nineteen ninety four. Yeah, the nineties. Maybe they think i'm 'impoverished'....hahahaha...is that obvious meh? :p

Self-satisfied? Hummmmm.....I've got no comments *smug*

The others are like insecure (i'm human! not God!), overdramatic, chaotic, simple, inflexible, loud (quite agree, agree, agree, semi-agree, agree) ...and, now, this one totally bummed me out: UNHAPPY? I am, just for the record, very happy with my life, really. Especially lately. It's hard to word it out. I guess u3 is right...

me: wow not bad
me: ppl think im needy
me: needy means wat ah?
u3: i have no idea
u3: hahaha
u3: there are not much choices which i want to choose from
u3: and i dont know your bad side much
me: yeah man!
u3: so some are just saja only
me: same goes for u!
u3: maybe THBJ migh thave more to say
u3: ahhaha
me: yeah as usual

But, I am glad I let my fren did that test for me and pointed out my weaknesses. At least I could tell how they see me. Maybe I should tone down a bit when I laugh lest I'd be called overdramatic.

But, which gay men isnt?

: )

Fast forward today. I wrote this post yesterday after receiving the results from frens. When I read it again today, I thought, gee, so drama wan. Maybe I should not post it. But, it's blogworthy. What the hell.


savante said...

Nohari? Seriously, could they find a better name? :)

Sam said...

Well... I studied the Johari Window test in college and it's about finding out the good points of a person.

Nohari on the other hand... I wouldn't even bother to have one started.

But you being needy - ah I guess everyone's needy. Tell me, which gay man isn't? I'm just as needy as you are.