Friday, October 13, 2006

A conversation with a 'Scientist'

This was an actual conversation with a soon to be 9-year-old boy a month ago.

Boy was humming away to an unidentified song (to the author) from High School Musical.

Me: So what would like to be when you've grown up?

Boy promptly stopped humming and answered nonchalantly: A scientist!

Me: A scientist? Seriously? (Ok, i know i should not said 'Seriously' but i was shocked and it came out prior to me thinking that by saying that i could affect his cognitive process .... errr.)

Boy: YEAH! I would like to be a scientist cos it's cool!

Me: (Cool?) Hmm...that's good. But, scientists don't talk a lot (reference made on him. see, he is a hyperactive boy who can't stop talking if not humming or singing).

Boy: NO! Scientist talks a lot that's why there are scientists!

Me: (What the...) Ok.

Last night.

Boy suddenly asked: How old are you?

Putting down the book i was reading, i replied: Hmm...i was born in 197X.

Boy: Yeah. So how old are you?

Me: Do the Math, kiddo.

Boy quickly picked up a pencil and started scribbling on a book seemingly DOING the Math to find out how old i am. Minutes later...

Boy: Oh my God! You're one thousand eight hundred fifty years old!

i rolled my eyes. no i didn't. i think i fidget. but i definitely grinned. i said...

You mean, in terms of hours? Hehe...

Unanimous laughters from boy's brother and sister.

Unperturbed, he continued scribbling on the book. A little annoyed now, he said...

OK. You gotta be 29? 25? 26? Tell me, cmon!

i shook my head and said: I thought you want to be a scientist? Scientists are good in Maths, yaknw. (Ok, i was really trying to irk him)

Boy grunted and wasn't pleased with me at all.

Boy: You looked young. you have a young body. but ur eyes look old...

Me: (WHAT THE FCK!) haha....

Boy: Yeah, like Ah Poh. she is old but her hair is young and then her ... erm. how old are YOU? Tell me!

At that point, my mind had wandered and i ignored him for 30 over seconds thinking about how observant he is with my OLD eyes! i need CLINIQUE's eye cream! Oh sinful him sworn by it.

just so you know, i still have not told him my age. i said this: it's your mission for the week. let me know the next time you see me. no asking around.

Boy: Oh man...


savante said...

Seriously. How old are the aged eyes :)

_ethnwg said...

erm, i think it's abt two thousand years old


Sam said...

Now I understand why you're wearing that eye pad thingy. =P