Friday, April 27, 2007

It won't be soon before long

I am digging Maroon 5's latest song, "Makes me wonder." It infuses with a bit of 80s eletronica sound yet it has got a modern feel to it. I love the video, the lead, his hairstyle and his very Tom Ford-ish get up. Cool much.

American Idol is getting a little bit more interesting than the previous 2 seasons. Thank God for Melinda Doolittle, and the boys - Chris and Blake. I find Ryan Seacrest darn irritating, tho. And my prediction (after Stephanie Edward got cut) is (still) Melinda Doolittle.

As The Amazing Race All Star is nearing to it's final leg, I would like to see either the Beauty Queens or the Drama Queens (C&M) to win. Not my favourite teams but to be fair, they worked really hard so far.

Ok, guys. Complete this sentence for me: -

It won't be soon before long...

We'll exchange answers soon ;)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

10, 20, 30

No. It is not some numbers I had dreamt of last night. So, sit back before you leap off to the nearest lottery shop. Besides, you are short of 4 sets of number to win that RM3 million :)

These numbers are significant to my life right now. It represents the number of days to my birthday, my, erm, age and the number of things I'd like to achieve when I have turned OLD - not necessary in that sequence.


Ten, ten, ten, ten.....Yes, it is the number of things I'd like to achieve this year.

  1. To visit a new country
  2. To own a Digital SLR
  3. To climb one notch up in my career
  4. To be a good son
  5. To be involved in more design related projects
  6. To own a pair of new watch :)
  7. To do more charities
  8. To be more environmental friendly
  9. To be fit, fit, fit
  10. To be successful in everything that I am pursuing now

I could go on but I'd rather be less greedy. 10 is more achievable. If I did not achieve all 10, at least I have tried.

20 the number of days before I turned well,


It's so damn hard depressing. They said turning 30 is when you start to age faster than you can think of. I can't agree more. My best friend said it is the age period where you either make it or break it. Gee, that's kinda, I dunno. Rigid? I still want to have a lot of fun while doing the things I like to do.

The same friend called me when he turned 30 after receiving my wish. He said, "You know. It ain't that bad turning 30, really. It's still the same."

I was like, "Dude, what do you expect? Money grew out from your arse?"

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prancing Mouse

Just about a month ago, I spotted the Fiat's 500 on a magazine (think it was Form magazine) and I thought, whoa, sexy little thing! I spotted it again today on Female's Appetite magazine (People, buy the magazine. They interviewed yours truly and featured the stuff I did for home decor *grin smugly*) on the article which they had an interview with the smouldering sexy Italian cook, David Rocco. (He has got a yellow mouse, btw).

Immediately I went on the internet to google it and voila! I found the site where I could pimp my own Fiat 500. How cool is that? Ladies and gentlemen, here's my "pimped" version of the Fiat 500.

I really love this car. I don't care if anyone tells me that FIAT stands for "Fix it again, Tony!" or that it is expensive. If I have lots of kaching, you won't see me driving a Mercedes or a Volvo or some stupid Ferrari, Lamboghini (maybe a Beemer) but a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper. I didn't like VW's Beetle so much, tho.

I'd like to sidetrack a little bit. Have you guys seen the Cleo's cover this month? It was absolutely hideous! Worst magazine cover, period. Marion Caunter (with her ridiculous hairdo) looks like a blardy "Mama-san" with her two toy boys. And, speaking of the boys, half of the lot are recycled from "What Women Want".
So. Lame.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Ah....It's nice to be back in good ol' PJ. Breathe the familiar air, eat the familiar food and talk the familiar language. I finally gave in to the temptation and walked into a massage parlour on my last day in Bangkok. It was, in short, awesome - if you must know, the masseur was about 130 pound with long hair and stubby face. Quite cute lady, she is :)

Speaking of language, I was rather lost in translation except for some very foul language that I did not or could not utter to the cabbie who drove me to the airport yesterday. It was a dreadful 20 minutes drive cos I simply abhor him. I was imagining all the things I could do if I have superpower. At that time, I wished I was Wolverine.

Before I stepped into the cab, I had specifically told the staff from the hotel that I want my cab to run the meter and he could use the "super" highway. He nodded several times and said yes. His yes was acrid - he tried to get a cab for me for BHT600.00 (usually it comes up to not more than BHT280.00 incl. toll) to the airport earlier but I told him off. As soon as the asshole (I figured that is the best name that suits him) stepped on the accelerator, he tried to be chummy with me talking about the new airport. I noticed he did not start the meter and I started arguing with him. We came to a price (BHT325.00 incl. toll) finally cos I thought it was pointless since I was in his car. I will, however, write to the people from the Thai Trade Department by specifically indicating the asshole's car plate number.

The days before I went to Bangkok, I read an article on the newspaper at which the reporter interviewed a few students on their opinions on the recent banning of Manglish used in public. All of them were not amused at all and they feel it is really unnecessary. Manglish, they said, is part of Malaysians' lives. I couldn't agree more. I used to snob my fellow classmates back in college when they used Manglish cos it sounded "low-class" (I was still growing, people, cut me some slack!) At present, I enjoy using my Manglish as much as I love eating my thosai and drinking my "pull-tea" in the morning. Without it, it just feels not right, like eating roti canai without the curry or chow kway teow without the "see ham" (cockerels).

Imagine this make-believe conversation:

Spunky Nina: Hey! I heard you just came back from Bangkok wor! Sidai nyawa lah! (Translated from Cantonese which means, show off)

Me: Haha...don't simply talk three, talk four! (Translated from Cantonese which means, slander). It was for work and of cos, shopping too!

SN: Really ah? So did you buy anything for me?

Me: No wor. I where got time. I've got so much on my itinerary I don't even have time to sleep!

SN: Wah! LCLY (Cantonese which means, erm, arrogant) now lah! Hehehe...Did you go see those 'live' Thai boys shows?

Me: Fu-yoh!! Damn cun, man! Those guys are really good lah.

SN: Ya kah? Steam (Loosely defined as excited or aroused) already lah!

Disclaimer: The above conversation can only be "talk" on a yum cha session in a mamak stall. If used in your work place, or with a client who is unfamiliar with Malaysian culture, you might be thought of as imbecile.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Live from Bkk: part deux

I am sitting in this super massive cafe slash cyber cafe slash mobile communication store slash camera store in Siam Paragon at this very moment.

Just about 15 minutes ago, I was right across the street desperately seeking for a massage parlour cos I was aching all over from the walking and gyming for the past 48 hours. Yes, i could go to Silom street, where i get to select the various massage parlours that offer "alternative" services but i figured shopping is more worthwhile the money and also, i have bought a ticket to watch "Sunshine".

(Yes, I am watching the movie alone cos i am a good boy :) )

Alas, all the massage parlours (fyi, there is only one in Siam Square which came as a HUGE surprise to me) are closed. So disappointed I was, I had to think of what else I could do with the extra one hour I have before the show. I should go to the book store since I need to do some research about an upcoming project until ...

I came across "True Cafe" located just next to kinokuniya. On an ordinary day, I would've given this place a pass but tonite is an exception cos I needed to kill time. Perfect location I thought cos of the super funky, loungey chairs in different designs (copies of cos) and shapes, 24" (i think) computer screen and the head-banging house music. What more can i asked for? Hmm, maybe a cute boy massaging my back. No. I need to go back KL in one piece *grin sheepishly*

Sitting on the Coconut chair, my favorite lounge chair, upholstered in leather, it really confirmed that Bangkok is a great city for young, creative people. The young people here compete to outdo each other in the creativity department and everyone, one way or another, is doing their own business. I suppose that is great because by utilising the many resources available in this country not to mention the cheap materials available here, they have managed to come up with mind blowing concepts in the area of F&B, architecture, fashion, and tourism.

I really like the high-ceiling shops or cafes in most of the major shopping malls because it really makes the shop looks bigger and customers would feel less claustraphobic shopping or dining in it. I wish Malaysian architects or contractors should pay attention more to that although I know it is not for them to decide.

I think I want to pick up Thai language because I have made some friends with the locals here. Sawadee.

To be continued...

ps: big, wide computer screen is soooo not my thing.

psst: Muse Studio new range of bags is hot, hot, hot! We hope to bring more fun in the upcoming week, guys. Give us a buzzz for more info.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Live fronm bkk

It is rather hot in Bangkok right now....

dambn tghuis key boardius so hard to use! Andto imaginei opaid RM10.00 for a mere 20 minutes. Maybve itis a better a idea togym instead.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swim, gym, and short limb

A few posts back, I talked about using the swimming pool in our condo and if I should swim, or not. (The snotty me dislike crowd, fyi). I went ahead and I haven't looked back cos I am hooked. I really enjoy swimming in the evening around dusk after a hard (and hot) day work. Swimming, in addition, has also improved my stamina and strengthen both my legs and my upper body. I was surprised how well I could balance without struggling in Body Combat class yesterday. Of cos, swimming has also helped firmed up my tush among other things :0)

So. Swim the next time you are in doubt. Spunky Nina asked me (online) if she should join gym recently.

Me: Of cos! Come! Silly Chong is doing Body Combat, too. It's kinda cute looking at him punching with his short limbs and all.

SN: Haha...So mean! You go regularly?

Me: Not really but I will at least make myself go two times a week and that's not enough. I think I am addicted to working out.

SN: Serious? Why?

Me: Cos if I don't, I will become really cranky. I don't know why and I suppose it can only be explained scientifically.

SN: Haha.... I suppose that's good. You get to de-stress.

Me: Yeah. That's ultimately what I'd like to achieve in the gym besides, of cos, looking good lah.

SN: Yeah man. I think that is important. Besides, you guys are so damn vain.

Me: What to do. It's in our blood. We have to be vain.

SN: Hahaha.....Let me consider.

Me: Oh cmon! If you've joined you can be my yoda!

SN: Chee Sin!

PS: Guys, I will be away till Sunday, 22/4/07. Whenever I have the energy and TIME to go online in BKK, I will update my blog. Cheers!

Monday, April 16, 2007

Busy is good

busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good busy is good

I reckon I need to take "Mentality Leaves" soon.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Website(s) of the month

I am supposed to only select one but I can't because I love the both of them so seriously much, I decided to pick both. Enjoy :)

Dubois meets Fugger

Their website is so fucking cool, I wanna work for them. You must check out the "5 clickable secrets". Awesome.

Stunning Nikon

I know, I know. I'm pretty much obssessed. It's a sickness. I think I'd coined it as "Nikoningitis". Haha...Anyways, these are some of the photographers whom were selected by Nikon to try out it's D80 and boy, am I impressed. I love their passion *sneeze*

It's all about ...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Girls aloud

A couple of nights back, I drove down town for drinking sessions with my buddy, Randy Andy. We went to a couple of bars including Zeta Bar in KL Hilton. Randy Andy quite looked forward going to Zeta Bar cos the last time we were there, they had a live jazz band and it was cosy and proper. That night, it was quite the contrary. The live band was so hideous that Randy Andy could not sit still and was bickering so much about them amidst the loud music.

"She sounds like a Malaysian Idol reject!" I shouted to Randy.
"I could sing better, man," he hollered.

I paused and shook my head so hard, he thought I was "feng tau-ing" to the music. Zeta Bar was supposed to be a swanky, expensive, chill out bar with good music and beautiful people. What I had witnessed that night was sad - bad music, lousy band, plenty of SPGs (there was this balding expat wearing a T-shirt a size too small for him attempted to go on stage to dance with the singers before he was turned down). The only saviour, well, there were two actually, were the very tall, hot bartender (think Shah Ru Khan) and excellent (and generous) mixture of drinks.

Prior to Zeta Bar, we were in 7AteNine - the other outlet owns by the people behind Soul'ed Out. I love this place simply cos it has got nice, funky interior and eccentric furniture and plush white sofas.

Me: So. How was Cameron Highlands?

RA: Fu-yoh! Nice man! It was nice to have sex there! Hehe...

I gasped. For a couple of minutes. I had to get rid of the visuals I'd made up on top of my head. Urgh.

Me: Besides the sex part, did she erm, ask you anything?

RA: Um, nothing much. We just ate and sleep, and bought some flowers.

Me: Whoa! Flowers? Did she pop the question?

RA: Erm... yeah she sorta did.

Me: I KNEW it! I fucking knew it! I told you she is gonnna propose to you, you SOB!

RA: Yeah, but she said that all the time.

Me: What?!

RA: Yeah. I dunno what's got to me. Every girls I've dated, they asked me if I'd marry them or when. I had to change the damn topic cos it's so sensitive. Once, I asked this gal why'd you want to marry me, she got all sensitive and pout. Throwing allegations that I don't love her and all that jazz.

He sighed.

At that point, I was a little dumbfounded with RA's revelations. The thing is, we've been friends for ages and I know he wouldn't lie just to make himself feel better - just so you know, I despise people like that and he knows best.

Is that common? Girls asking guys to marry them? I always, or rather, would like to believe that girls would want their men to propose to them the "romantic ways" i.e. kneeling on the floor with bouquet of flowers, scuba diving and pop the question, ya know, the conventional and romantic way. Not casually asking their men, "So, when are you gonna marry me?" Besides, RA only dated her for 6 months! Isn't that like, friggin' too soon to ask a person to marry her?


Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's it. It is love at first sight. The Rose Red piece is so sexy, it sorta remind me of Jennifer Lopez in her first video. What's that song again? Anyways, I like the colour scheme of the phone - gold & black or red rose and gold. So chic. I can't wait to see the actual thing. Drool much.

Speaking of sexy, I managed to see 1/4 episode of American Idol last night. Watching Lakisha singing 'Conga' while cycling in the gym was quite a difficult balancing act. Especially when she started erm, jiggling. No wonder Randy loved it so much. I like Lakisha. She is like no other. From a bank clerk to standing in front of millions of people doing what she does best - sing! I hope she's in the top 3.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Say it right

I needed to call a supplier to follow up an order that I had faxed out recently.

Me: Hello ABC?
Girl: Yes. Can I hepchu?
Me: Can I speak to Ah Ling?
Girl: Err…you wait one moment.
Me: Sure. I wait one moment or more.

Whispering sound and heavy breathing. A new girl picked up the phone call.

New Girl: Yes, can I hepchu

I explained to her that I had faxed in an order recently and we haven’t received the stock.

New Girl: Yak ah. You faxed to where?
Me: 6xxxxxxx. Is Ah Ling there?
New Girl: Ah Ling ah? She’s gone for mentality leaves. So I can’t ...

At that juncture, I was suppressing my laughter so hard I almost choked.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These girls are made to Sing

I don't know what is the fuss with Beyonce's new single, Beautiful Liar, featuring Shakira. The video is lame, the gyrating is so not sexy and very choreographed. The song, well, quite boring, if you asked me. Beyonce should chill for a little while and let these girls do the singing.

And, I mean singing. Not shouting.

You'd probably think I must be kidding about Jennifer Lopez and her singing, right? You are right. She's no soul singer comparing to the rest of the lot but this time, she has matured since marrying that skinny dude; or, so I'd like to think. I haven't listened to it, yet. I simply love the cover :p

Mama Macy is fabulous. Best album ever.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Much ado about shooting

Muse, as you all have been informed a couple of days back, were in town, Berjaya Times Square, to be exact. It was our first time being in town and the feedback was pretty good and positive. We had a blast cos there were plenty of performances throughout the night i.e. local R&B group perfoming acapella (irritating), breakdance (smashing), live jazz performances (light & easy) & fire displays (dodgy).

A couple of friends dropped by including Chatty_jane. I was snapping some photos of the bags and she asked:

CJ: Is this your camera?
Me: Yup!
CJ: Really? I thought you camera has always been a Sony?
Me: No, no, no. Never a Sony. You might have mistaken that with my handphone.
CJ: So, your recent photos from Perhentian were all shot using this camera?
Me: Mmm hmmm...
CJ: What's the megapixel?
Me: 5.1MP? Yeah.

She nodded her head and looked quite impressed. Of cos, at that time I was quite a smug. I find it perplexing, tho', cos not very long ago, she asked me the same questions (after I was back from Cambodia) and I told her exactly the same thing. She dissed Nikon, I remembered.

It took me approximately 2 years to discover the many things I could do with my point-and-shoot buddy. 2 years. Man, I am a slow learner; nonetheless, I have been thinking about getting myself a DSLR. Yes, some posts back, I was salivating at a Nikon DSLR - I think it was a D70. In retrospect, I think I was too ambitious because it took me 2 years to master a point-and-shoot, so, to actually purchase a pro DSLR will probably take me another, what? 5 years to master it?

So, I thought perhaps I should start shopping for a semi-pro. For a beginner, they call it. Kenny Sia inspired me to get the Nikon D40 but I was not certain about the 6.1MP feature. I know, I know, if you are good that is really negligible. But, but, every friggin' camera is at least 10MP...well, every new released cameras.

Just two months after the released of D40, the dudes in Nikon released a slightly better version that is D40x with slightly better features and slightly more expensive price tag - just to get even with their competitor, Canon. I was very happy about the news and I can't wait to feel it with my own hand.

So. I will endeavour to save up from now on by skipping Starbucks, shopping malls, log-in to Air Asia website, sushis or walk into a sports shop. And, book stores (oh crap!).

Isn't this sexy? What do you think? Some advise from the expert aka DSLR owners, please :)

Some photos shot at BTS last night.

[ Top to bottom ] 1. I believe I can fry 2. I'm bringing sexy back 3. Flyin' without wings. More photos, please check out my multiply.

PS: Check this out these beautifully shot images of male's private anatomy. Warning: Some may find these offensive/vulgar because of the nature of the photography. I view them as art. It's quite inspiring if you take away the actual subject matter - ain't easy, but focus :p Caterpillars came to mind, too. Haha. Enjoy.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

More @ Perhentian

[ Top to bottom ] 1) Taxi service 2) Muse travel 3) "Intellect" 4) Drink & be merry. We love this restaurant's concept. Real sand as on the floor eventho' the shop is elevated from the ground 5) Santai Restaurant - regular chill out joint 6) Surfer jr. 7) "Teh Tarik" by the beach 8) Pasar Tani Khadijah 9) Bus car park, or? 10) Chilling out 11) Posing 12) Wine by the beach

Friday, April 6, 2007

Muse Studio

Muse Studio will be bringing it's funky range of bags to Berjaya Times Square tomorrow for one day only in conjunction with the F1 Grand Prix.

Venue: Front Entrance of BTS (near Starbucks)
Time: 10am – 10pm (We could extend till 11pm if we are tireless!)
Other info: The launching of NEW bags! New accessories and new label. Yes. You hear me. New label

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Wind that Shakes our Booties


Ad To
Zafar Alif

Ni Kon

Set in 2007 in Malaysia, THE WIND THAT SHAKES OUR BOOTIES is the story of Ah Seng (Ad To), a young Hokkien-speaking Chinese boy who wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a porn star. When his friend is brutally murdered for standing up to a porn Director, Bhatang Keras (Zafar Alif), Ah Seng abandons his "acting" career and joins his good friend, Ah Ngiu (Ethan) in the fight for freedom. Freedom of nudity in the beach! Freedom of self-expression! Freedom of love!

Ad To and Ethan both give standout performances as the battling brothers. Ad To flashes his otherworldly hazel brown eyes and conveys his character's fierce intellect, as well as the deep sadness of his "struggle". Ethan, for his part, tries to come off as all brawn and bravery, but cannot conceal his sensitive heart--his face glows with rage one minute, then crumples into sorrow the next. Director Ni Kon, has created a deeply personal and controversial story, with an attention to detail that is heartbreaking in its realism.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Perhentian Kecil & Kota Bharu

It was nice to be able to visit Pasar Siti Khadijah in KB after my last visit that was like, 15 yrs ago? Much have changed, or so I think. The smell at the wet market was so pungent it can turn any tourists off. Still, it was quite nostalgic and the people in KB are rather friendly. The nasi campur was fab, too!