Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Say it right

I needed to call a supplier to follow up an order that I had faxed out recently.

Me: Hello ABC?
Girl: Yes. Can I hepchu?
Me: Can I speak to Ah Ling?
Girl: Err…you wait one moment.
Me: Sure. I wait one moment or more.

Whispering sound and heavy breathing. A new girl picked up the phone call.

New Girl: Yes, can I hepchu

I explained to her that I had faxed in an order recently and we haven’t received the stock.

New Girl: Yak ah. You faxed to where?
Me: 6xxxxxxx. Is Ah Ling there?
New Girl: Ah Ling ah? She’s gone for mentality leaves. So I can’t ...

At that juncture, I was suppressing my laughter so hard I almost choked.


savante said...

Liddat lah! Why so funny? She pregnant mah so go mentality loh. Happens when you have clying babies!

Bibik Nyonya said...

ha ha h aha! Awh man....i nearly fell off my chair! Dinch see that coming at all!! Ha ha ha ha!