Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Prancing Mouse

Just about a month ago, I spotted the Fiat's 500 on a magazine (think it was Form magazine) and I thought, whoa, sexy little thing! I spotted it again today on Female's Appetite magazine (People, buy the magazine. They interviewed yours truly and featured the stuff I did for home decor *grin smugly*) on the article which they had an interview with the smouldering sexy Italian cook, David Rocco. (He has got a yellow mouse, btw).

Immediately I went on the internet to google it and voila! I found the site where I could pimp my own Fiat 500. How cool is that? Ladies and gentlemen, here's my "pimped" version of the Fiat 500.

I really love this car. I don't care if anyone tells me that FIAT stands for "Fix it again, Tony!" or that it is expensive. If I have lots of kaching, you won't see me driving a Mercedes or a Volvo or some stupid Ferrari, Lamboghini (maybe a Beemer) but a Fiat 500 or a Mini Cooper. I didn't like VW's Beetle so much, tho.

I'd like to sidetrack a little bit. Have you guys seen the Cleo's cover this month? It was absolutely hideous! Worst magazine cover, period. Marion Caunter (with her ridiculous hairdo) looks like a blardy "Mama-san" with her two toy boys. And, speaking of the boys, half of the lot are recycled from "What Women Want".
So. Lame.

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savante said...

Ooh. Go get that car!!