Monday, April 9, 2007

Much ado about shooting

Muse, as you all have been informed a couple of days back, were in town, Berjaya Times Square, to be exact. It was our first time being in town and the feedback was pretty good and positive. We had a blast cos there were plenty of performances throughout the night i.e. local R&B group perfoming acapella (irritating), breakdance (smashing), live jazz performances (light & easy) & fire displays (dodgy).

A couple of friends dropped by including Chatty_jane. I was snapping some photos of the bags and she asked:

CJ: Is this your camera?
Me: Yup!
CJ: Really? I thought you camera has always been a Sony?
Me: No, no, no. Never a Sony. You might have mistaken that with my handphone.
CJ: So, your recent photos from Perhentian were all shot using this camera?
Me: Mmm hmmm...
CJ: What's the megapixel?
Me: 5.1MP? Yeah.

She nodded her head and looked quite impressed. Of cos, at that time I was quite a smug. I find it perplexing, tho', cos not very long ago, she asked me the same questions (after I was back from Cambodia) and I told her exactly the same thing. She dissed Nikon, I remembered.

It took me approximately 2 years to discover the many things I could do with my point-and-shoot buddy. 2 years. Man, I am a slow learner; nonetheless, I have been thinking about getting myself a DSLR. Yes, some posts back, I was salivating at a Nikon DSLR - I think it was a D70. In retrospect, I think I was too ambitious because it took me 2 years to master a point-and-shoot, so, to actually purchase a pro DSLR will probably take me another, what? 5 years to master it?

So, I thought perhaps I should start shopping for a semi-pro. For a beginner, they call it. Kenny Sia inspired me to get the Nikon D40 but I was not certain about the 6.1MP feature. I know, I know, if you are good that is really negligible. But, but, every friggin' camera is at least 10MP...well, every new released cameras.

Just two months after the released of D40, the dudes in Nikon released a slightly better version that is D40x with slightly better features and slightly more expensive price tag - just to get even with their competitor, Canon. I was very happy about the news and I can't wait to feel it with my own hand.

So. I will endeavour to save up from now on by skipping Starbucks, shopping malls, log-in to Air Asia website, sushis or walk into a sports shop. And, book stores (oh crap!).

Isn't this sexy? What do you think? Some advise from the expert aka DSLR owners, please :)

Some photos shot at BTS last night.

[ Top to bottom ] 1. I believe I can fry 2. I'm bringing sexy back 3. Flyin' without wings. More photos, please check out my multiply.

PS: Check this out these beautifully shot images of male's private anatomy. Warning: Some may find these offensive/vulgar because of the nature of the photography. I view them as art. It's quite inspiring if you take away the actual subject matter - ain't easy, but focus :p Caterpillars came to mind, too. Haha. Enjoy.


savante said...

GASP! DId you shoot these risque shots?

savante said...

And would that be Ad's caterpillar?

m5lvin said...


interesting website....

_ethnwg said...

I think Ad has got a stalker


For the record, I din shoot those beautiful pics of "caterpillars". I wish I did cos that'd be a very interesting project ;)