Friday, April 13, 2007

Girls aloud

A couple of nights back, I drove down town for drinking sessions with my buddy, Randy Andy. We went to a couple of bars including Zeta Bar in KL Hilton. Randy Andy quite looked forward going to Zeta Bar cos the last time we were there, they had a live jazz band and it was cosy and proper. That night, it was quite the contrary. The live band was so hideous that Randy Andy could not sit still and was bickering so much about them amidst the loud music.

"She sounds like a Malaysian Idol reject!" I shouted to Randy.
"I could sing better, man," he hollered.

I paused and shook my head so hard, he thought I was "feng tau-ing" to the music. Zeta Bar was supposed to be a swanky, expensive, chill out bar with good music and beautiful people. What I had witnessed that night was sad - bad music, lousy band, plenty of SPGs (there was this balding expat wearing a T-shirt a size too small for him attempted to go on stage to dance with the singers before he was turned down). The only saviour, well, there were two actually, were the very tall, hot bartender (think Shah Ru Khan) and excellent (and generous) mixture of drinks.

Prior to Zeta Bar, we were in 7AteNine - the other outlet owns by the people behind Soul'ed Out. I love this place simply cos it has got nice, funky interior and eccentric furniture and plush white sofas.

Me: So. How was Cameron Highlands?

RA: Fu-yoh! Nice man! It was nice to have sex there! Hehe...

I gasped. For a couple of minutes. I had to get rid of the visuals I'd made up on top of my head. Urgh.

Me: Besides the sex part, did she erm, ask you anything?

RA: Um, nothing much. We just ate and sleep, and bought some flowers.

Me: Whoa! Flowers? Did she pop the question?

RA: Erm... yeah she sorta did.

Me: I KNEW it! I fucking knew it! I told you she is gonnna propose to you, you SOB!

RA: Yeah, but she said that all the time.

Me: What?!

RA: Yeah. I dunno what's got to me. Every girls I've dated, they asked me if I'd marry them or when. I had to change the damn topic cos it's so sensitive. Once, I asked this gal why'd you want to marry me, she got all sensitive and pout. Throwing allegations that I don't love her and all that jazz.

He sighed.

At that point, I was a little dumbfounded with RA's revelations. The thing is, we've been friends for ages and I know he wouldn't lie just to make himself feel better - just so you know, I despise people like that and he knows best.

Is that common? Girls asking guys to marry them? I always, or rather, would like to believe that girls would want their men to propose to them the "romantic ways" i.e. kneeling on the floor with bouquet of flowers, scuba diving and pop the question, ya know, the conventional and romantic way. Not casually asking their men, "So, when are you gonna marry me?" Besides, RA only dated her for 6 months! Isn't that like, friggin' too soon to ask a person to marry her?


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savante said...

Maybe he's bragging just a little?