Saturday, April 21, 2007

Live from Bkk: part deux

I am sitting in this super massive cafe slash cyber cafe slash mobile communication store slash camera store in Siam Paragon at this very moment.

Just about 15 minutes ago, I was right across the street desperately seeking for a massage parlour cos I was aching all over from the walking and gyming for the past 48 hours. Yes, i could go to Silom street, where i get to select the various massage parlours that offer "alternative" services but i figured shopping is more worthwhile the money and also, i have bought a ticket to watch "Sunshine".

(Yes, I am watching the movie alone cos i am a good boy :) )

Alas, all the massage parlours (fyi, there is only one in Siam Square which came as a HUGE surprise to me) are closed. So disappointed I was, I had to think of what else I could do with the extra one hour I have before the show. I should go to the book store since I need to do some research about an upcoming project until ...

I came across "True Cafe" located just next to kinokuniya. On an ordinary day, I would've given this place a pass but tonite is an exception cos I needed to kill time. Perfect location I thought cos of the super funky, loungey chairs in different designs (copies of cos) and shapes, 24" (i think) computer screen and the head-banging house music. What more can i asked for? Hmm, maybe a cute boy massaging my back. No. I need to go back KL in one piece *grin sheepishly*

Sitting on the Coconut chair, my favorite lounge chair, upholstered in leather, it really confirmed that Bangkok is a great city for young, creative people. The young people here compete to outdo each other in the creativity department and everyone, one way or another, is doing their own business. I suppose that is great because by utilising the many resources available in this country not to mention the cheap materials available here, they have managed to come up with mind blowing concepts in the area of F&B, architecture, fashion, and tourism.

I really like the high-ceiling shops or cafes in most of the major shopping malls because it really makes the shop looks bigger and customers would feel less claustraphobic shopping or dining in it. I wish Malaysian architects or contractors should pay attention more to that although I know it is not for them to decide.

I think I want to pick up Thai language because I have made some friends with the locals here. Sawadee.

To be continued...

ps: big, wide computer screen is soooo not my thing.

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m5lvin said...

Thai language is simply beautiful...~

_ethnwg said...

Really? I find it quite annoying esp. when i do not understand what they are trying to say or speak.

That is why I want to pick it up so that the next time they bitch, i could understand


But Thai ppl are generally beautiful tho :p