Saturday, April 7, 2007

More @ Perhentian

[ Top to bottom ] 1) Taxi service 2) Muse travel 3) "Intellect" 4) Drink & be merry. We love this restaurant's concept. Real sand as on the floor eventho' the shop is elevated from the ground 5) Santai Restaurant - regular chill out joint 6) Surfer jr. 7) "Teh Tarik" by the beach 8) Pasar Tani Khadijah 9) Bus car park, or? 10) Chilling out 11) Posing 12) Wine by the beach


savante said...

Looks like a nice trip though you'd still catch me dead going :P

Ad looks cool in the white singlet with the blue trim. Mana u punya singlet!

_ethnwg said...

But, why?

It's a nice & relaxing retreat. Ur afraid of the sea?

Singlet? Oh, tat's mine :p