Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Swim, gym, and short limb

A few posts back, I talked about using the swimming pool in our condo and if I should swim, or not. (The snotty me dislike crowd, fyi). I went ahead and I haven't looked back cos I am hooked. I really enjoy swimming in the evening around dusk after a hard (and hot) day work. Swimming, in addition, has also improved my stamina and strengthen both my legs and my upper body. I was surprised how well I could balance without struggling in Body Combat class yesterday. Of cos, swimming has also helped firmed up my tush among other things :0)

So. Swim the next time you are in doubt. Spunky Nina asked me (online) if she should join gym recently.

Me: Of cos! Come! Silly Chong is doing Body Combat, too. It's kinda cute looking at him punching with his short limbs and all.

SN: Haha...So mean! You go regularly?

Me: Not really but I will at least make myself go two times a week and that's not enough. I think I am addicted to working out.

SN: Serious? Why?

Me: Cos if I don't, I will become really cranky. I don't know why and I suppose it can only be explained scientifically.

SN: Haha.... I suppose that's good. You get to de-stress.

Me: Yeah. That's ultimately what I'd like to achieve in the gym besides, of cos, looking good lah.

SN: Yeah man. I think that is important. Besides, you guys are so damn vain.

Me: What to do. It's in our blood. We have to be vain.

SN: Hahaha.....Let me consider.

Me: Oh cmon! If you've joined you can be my yoda!

SN: Chee Sin!

PS: Guys, I will be away till Sunday, 22/4/07. Whenever I have the energy and TIME to go online in BKK, I will update my blog. Cheers!

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