Thursday, April 12, 2007

That's it. It is love at first sight. The Rose Red piece is so sexy, it sorta remind me of Jennifer Lopez in her first video. What's that song again? Anyways, I like the colour scheme of the phone - gold & black or red rose and gold. So chic. I can't wait to see the actual thing. Drool much.

Speaking of sexy, I managed to see 1/4 episode of American Idol last night. Watching Lakisha singing 'Conga' while cycling in the gym was quite a difficult balancing act. Especially when she started erm, jiggling. No wonder Randy loved it so much. I like Lakisha. She is like no other. From a bank clerk to standing in front of millions of people doing what she does best - sing! I hope she's in the top 3.


jase said...

nice phone! but i prefer nokia! haha. maybe i'm used to it adi.. hehe

savante said...

After seeing the red phone, who'll take the black! It's fab!!