Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Wind that Shakes our Booties


Ad To
Zafar Alif

Ni Kon

Set in 2007 in Malaysia, THE WIND THAT SHAKES OUR BOOTIES is the story of Ah Seng (Ad To), a young Hokkien-speaking Chinese boy who wants to fulfill his lifelong dream of becoming a porn star. When his friend is brutally murdered for standing up to a porn Director, Bhatang Keras (Zafar Alif), Ah Seng abandons his "acting" career and joins his good friend, Ah Ngiu (Ethan) in the fight for freedom. Freedom of nudity in the beach! Freedom of self-expression! Freedom of love!

Ad To and Ethan both give standout performances as the battling brothers. Ad To flashes his otherworldly hazel brown eyes and conveys his character's fierce intellect, as well as the deep sadness of his "struggle". Ethan, for his part, tries to come off as all brawn and bravery, but cannot conceal his sensitive heart--his face glows with rage one minute, then crumples into sorrow the next. Director Ni Kon, has created a deeply personal and controversial story, with an attention to detail that is heartbreaking in its realism.


jase said...

wahh.. this post.. is it about some show? or is it about you cam whoring!? hehhehe

Bibik Nyonya said...

hai lor.....more details lah! Is it a theatre? I malaysia? Wah...our gomen let arh? Tak censor meh?

johnybravo said...

no one told me about a porn production! where do we sign up, hehehe

_ethnwg said...

jase: yes, we were quite bored in d island at some point ;)

bibik: sure censor if made! but, tat would be quite interesting innit? :p

johnny: eh budak! since when ur into porn? think u like prawn more ler :P