Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Global Warming Retreat

Check-list for a beach retreat

  1. Book
  2. Walkman phone
  3. Sun tan lotion
  4. Sun burn lotion
  5. Speedo
  6. Shades
  7. Plenty of Aspirin (Heat can be quite unbearable these days)

Yes. My much needed break. I will be back on Monday to kick some asses.


Monday, March 26, 2007

Still Amazing

I have so much to blog...I shall start with

The Amazing Race

After the huge success of the the first Amazing Race Asia (ARA) last year, the show is back with it's second installation and it is currently open for registration until 31st March 2007. Just about last week, I received an email from a friend from college who is based in Jakarta now if I'd like to join ARA2 with her. Absolutely! was my reply to her but I had two problems, 1) Ad wants to take part in ARA2 (We wanted to audition last year but totally given up on the idea because we wanted to go for a vacation) cos the Malaysian team won - it sorta gave him 'hope' 2) She is in Jakarta, and I am in Kuala Lumpur.

So. It dawned on her we can't do the audition video together cos we are not only living in 2 different countries but also the deadline is close. Boo hoo cos she is a seriously fun girl and I get along with her really well - Yes, Funky Suzie, I am referring to you. Hence, I am back to no problem and a sure-go with Ad.

As soon as we smelled 'slow biz day' yday at the flea market, we wrapped up early and got home to do an audition video for ARA2. There were disagreements (sign #1: communication breakdown - bad for the competition) but we managed to pull it together and produce a WHACKY video. No, I am not blogging the video (shy-mah) unless we were shortlisted. Just imagine a bit of singing, dancing, and a lot of bad acting :p Oh and I do think Ad should audition for some TV programs. He's pretty au naturel in front of the camera whilst I am as stiff as a rock!

*Crossing my fingers*

To swim or not to swim

After 58th take of our audition video, we were beat. And, I would really want to take a dip in the pool cos of the unbearable heat. I had to check numerous times from my study's window if it is OK to go down for a swim cos I do not like 1) kids 2) adults playing 'water polo' using inflated ball 3) couples playing footsie or exhibiting PDA in the pool scantily clad. Eww.

Final check and I was cleared from #2 and #3, so I went down slightly apprehensive carrying with me a bulk of positivism. As soon as I was done lifting weights at the gym, I quickly jumped into the pool and headed straight to the man-made waterfall ignoring #1 and #3 - yes, there were couples! Giggling kind some more! Still. It was amazing cos seriously, after living there for 1.5 years now, I think that was my 3rd trip to the pool and it was nice. Of cos, there was eye candy at that time, too. Definitely will add on more swimming session in my schedule :p

Pan's Labyrinth

One. great. show. It is a darker version of Alice in the Wonderland providing us questions on reality vs fantasy, good vs evil. I thought of it more like Harry Potter with a lot of fantasy like creatures but I was let down by that assumption. Still, it definitely is one of the best movies I've seen so far this year. Half Nelson, and Children of Men will be next.

Friday, March 23, 2007

American Idiot

A friend dropped in to say hi 2 days ago and we spoke about food and Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg. I asked her if there is such a dish and she replied with a resounding YES and, "it's delicious!" followed by two thumbs up.

Never in my life have I ever heard of Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg so, I asked my boss and she replied with a resounding YES followed by "oh you so making me fat!!".

I am dead curious by then. I asked Ad in the evening (still not convince that I am the last person on earth who has not heard of such dish). His replied was not as exciting as the girls cos he doesnt like crab. Still, I want to try so last night he suggested this place, King Crab, near our house and ordered exactly that and a lot of other dishes for ahem, two persons. While enjoyin' my King Crab, I received an sms from Dodgy Gaby.

DG: You out in America idiot.

Fumbling between two oily hands, a tissue and the buttons on my mobile phone, I replied:

Me: What the FUCK are you talking about? (You see, we are best of friends and we like to use vulgarities to constantly give us the assurance of our masculinity)

DG: American Idol who was kick out please tell me urgent.

Me: FUCK! I tot wat you so rude! Melinda Doolittle...Sigh

DG: Wow i read back the sms damn funny

Me: And RUdE!

DG: Wrongly wrote sorry that, indian guy should have left soon he be the most hated guy soon

Me: My theory is that his father has connection with all the Indians living in America and asked all of them to vote for his son. And, he would pay USD50 for all his workers to continue sms until the voting is close. Hence, he is still in.

DG: I also say the producer are keeping him too, cos of the rating

Me: ANYWAYS, since when do you follow American Idol, you wuss! (You see, he thinks American Idol is a bloody stupid show. His theory was ... nevermind. But, he thinks it's for lame people.)

DG: Brother watch it so cought on to me.

ME: Ha! Loser! :)

As soon as I'm done with my silly series of smses with Dodgy Gaby, Ad announced to me that the bottom two was Chris Richardson and Stephanie Edwards. Of cos, Melinda Doolittle is still in the competition, looking prettier than ever (the latter was cut instead). It was shocking cos I like her and she definitely does not deserve to be cut. Not so soon.

Damn American idiot.

PS: I really enjoyed the Stir Fried Salty Egg Crab. It was so delicious that I was a little giddy after having had a few claws :p

I'm so gonna watch Pan's Labyrinth this Sat. I'm gonna make Ad watch it :p / 300 was crazy good. Very artistic and every scene is poster-worthy / Amazing Race Asia 2 audition is on! And I haven't got any ideas how to do the video hmmm......

Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am addicted to 'Heroes' as many of you have already known. Yes, I purchased the DVD for RM35.00 for 11 episodes only. Some might think I am out of my mind cos they'd say, 'Just friggin' download it, man' or 'You could watch on youTube you know?'

Right. I, of cos, know all that. But, as much as I'd like to save RM35.00, nothing beats the comfort and luxury of sitting on your cosy sofa in front of the tv in your cosy living room watching Hiro Nakamura speaking smattering English and stop time while trying to win in poker. Quite priceless, if you asked me. (Unfortunately, I have only 11 episodes, hence, I had to rely on friends to pass me the other episodes that can only be watched on PC. Sigh.)

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that my neighbour's front door (we usually call it grille)was completely removed and I felt that there were some insidious activities taking place behind the wooden door. I felt that I had some sort of superpower that I could walk thru the door, just like Nicki's husband, TJ? AJ? DL? I'm hopeless with name. And, I could not fathom what my dream was trying to tell me. Hmm...

If given a choice that you could possess two type of superpowers, what would it be? I wouldn't want to read people's mind because imagine ...

Pear-lady: Hi Eeethan!

Me: Hi. How are you?

And then I heard what she is thinking.

Fucked up. My hubby think I have saggy tits and my stomach gets in the way last night.

Gee. There are just too many crazy people out there and to have the ability to read their mind is not gonna make anything better. I think.

So, I would choose the ability of stopping time and absorb other people's superpower. That rocks! I think Peter Petrelli is lucky cos imagine whenever he wants to impress a girl, all he has to do is to pop by Nathan's office, absorb his power and voila! He can fly the girl to the moon and back.

I'd like to know what superpower that you guys would like to possess. So vote for your favorite superpower ... Something tells me that invisibility is gonna be the most popular.

What superpower you'd like to own?
I want to be invisible
I want to read mind
I want to walk through walls
I want to stop time!
I want to fly, like Superman!
I want self-heal
I want to have an elastic body!
I want to absorb other's superpower!
Free polls from

Monday, March 19, 2007

Style, design and ... pimping.

I always enjoy the thrill of rushing for a project or overseeing a project in the aspect of installation i.e furniture, ledges etc and fitting out i.e. accessories, at a client's place. Installation, well, could be the least favorite cos of the dust and the heat at site while planning stage is the best.

Planning involves a lot of research and by research I mean, searching for the right stuff to fit out for every space of an office, or a private residential. In short, it means, shopping! Shopping is fun especially if you have a client with a deep pocket and good taste. Shopping is not fun when your client likes tacky and cheap stuff.

I had two jobs done for a friend and my sister. However, both did not materialise not because they hated the design, or we blew their budget. It is just, I dunno *shrugs*. If I have another opportunity, I'd like to do it again. So I ask Chatty_Jane:

Me: Hey! You just bought a new house, right?

CJ: Yeah! Finally I can move out from that pathetic, pee-smelling pig-sty! (She was, of cos, referring to the lobby, the carpark, the tenants of the condo, incl. the management ppl. MK something.)

Me: Yeah. But I will most certainly miss the "art nouveau" grafitti on the wall in the lifts. Haha! (You see, I see everything as art even if it is bloody "conteng" on the wall).

CJ: Shit you lah!

Me: Haha...So. Can I pimp it? Please? Please? I will do it for you for some cupcakes, scones, and truffles. (She bakes heavenly scones and truffles!)

CJ: Hahaha....Shit you lah. I am so recycling everything from my place lah! Maybe just paint job.

Me: Seriously, you still need advice cos your current place is kinda missing something. Not the chic-factor nor the contemporary-factor cos I can't expect you to come up with that mah. You good at baking only.

CJ: Shit you la! FYI, you and I are in the same industry, OK!

Me: Ok, look sweetie. Your place is nice. But, it COULD be better, serious. I know you'd probably think I will suggest expensive stuff eventhough I would but still. I'm just saying it could be better. Let me pimp it, cmon!

CJ: Hahaha..... See how lah!

And, that was weeks ago and we haven't discussed since. I guess I can just focus on pimping my client's place now.

I get dizzy lookin' at beautiful houses like these...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

As you grow older, you become wiser.

My boss was telling me the other day. I have worked for my boss for a very long time and I respect her for her beliefs. A strong-willed, never-say-fail, and a hardworking woman, she has been through a lot in life than most of us have had. There are times when advice is given, I heed and there are times I would disagree with her and secretly laughed out loud inside.

When I borrowed the iPod from a friend sometime last year, of cos, I did not think of all the advice she, my boss, had given me. I just took it without thinking much about the repercussions. As I was strutting around and about in the mall with my iPod, I thought I looked cool - seriously, it's like having background music in your life just like in the movies. Imagine these...

Eating McDonald's value meal while listening to Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' or playing 'Besame Mucho' while sitting in the boat, chilling out in some remote island east coast. Not cool?

Still, the cool factor did not last long. In fact, as soon as I had found out someone had deliberately taken it away from me in the office, I was panicking as hell. Of cos, my boss soon noticed my odd behavior while trying to turn the office upside down searching for the missing item. After 2 hrs of search including body search, we stopped and deduced that it has been stolen and the usual suspects are so and so. What followed was some vulgarities that I'd rather not put it in words. She was comforting. Never patronising. Something I should learn in life.

I was angry. I was angry of myself than the SOB who took the iPod from me. I was angry why is it that I did not listen to my head but my heart when I borrowed the iPod from my fren whom gladly loaned it to me and said that "it was gift so you know, when I needed it back I will ask for it."

Fast forward to today, I discovered through a fren that my fren wanted her iPod back (odd discovery). And, yes, I did not know how to tell her that it was stolen. I had tried phrasing the words to confess but to no avail and I let the problem sat on it...for a while. As soon as I found out from this fren about the news, I text my fren that I would return the iPod to her soon but a new machine cos someone had stolen it. She did not react to the stolen part except that she needed it really soon. It hasn't been sorted out, exactly.

The moral of the story?

  1. Do not take advantage of a situation or a person especially if you had made promises. It is word of honour that reflects your morality than anything. Priceless.

  2. Do not make decision using your friggin' heart (or your penis)! Listen to your head!

  3. Boss' advice is not always a bad thing especially if it is a sincere one.

  4. There are realiable friends out there eventhough I do not keep in touch with them so much :)

  5. Don't be a cheapskate. No, serious!

Sigh. A real good start to the weekend. This month is a 'suey' month. To start it off, my windscreen was cracked. Dang. Every cloud has a Silver Lining, perhaps?

I really wanna watch Pan's Labyrinth, too

Friday, March 16, 2007

Cow & Chicken

Oh, look! You have got sheep's skin!

Pear-lady shouted from across and walked swiftly to the rugs section. Pear-lady is our regular customer who "adores our shop" but never for as long as I have worked here purchased anything from us. Pear-lady, however, looks sick and she dresses rather strangely, too - think oversize ladies PJ, or Missoni prints tights and sarongs in a so-called "upmarket shopping mall". She is almost always with her teenage daughter whom I believed is embarassed of her mother. I would, if I were her at that age. I pity Pear-lady. Seriously.

No, hon. That's cow skin.

She looked aghast and wailed, "Poor Cowwwwwwww!"

No, no. You see, your Prada and LV are made of genuine leather and leather is mainly made from cow skin. It's the same, just different construction, y'know.

She was staring at the cow hide looking rather disturbed.

Poor cowwwwwwwwww. No. I won't buy it.

She walked over and looked at me rather bewildered. "What's your name?" she asked just like my BM teacher back in high school.

I told her my name.

"Eeethan." she nods and continues, "Are you a designer?"

"No, I am not."

"You ARE a designer!" she looked furious now.

"No, no. I am not a designer. I'm a, erm, sales assitant with good taste." I grinned sheepishly.

She is smiling now (phew), and added, "My daughter is a designer. She's an industrial designer." She said that rather proudly.

"Really? That's cool."

"Ok, Eeeethan. See you next time," she turned around and walked away. Her daughter was 5 shops away already with her friend.

I walked back to the office thinking about her asking if I'm a designer. People always mistaken me as a designer. I reckon I am dressed to make them think that but my usual (humble) reply is that I am a sales assistant with good taste :p

Whenever I am in Bangkok, most local would ask where I am from. More often than not, they would assume I am a Japanese (1st common guess), followed by Hong Kong then Singapore. Never, ever a Malaysian.

"You where from, sir?"

I hesitated to tell him that I am from Malaysia, so I said, "Singapore."

"Oh, Singapore. Thai no like Singapore now."

Puzzled, I asked, "Why?"

"Because they allowed Thaksin to stay there."

Ha ha ha...I laughed and quickly changed the topic to...

Bird flu in Bangkok now, sir?

I really do not want him to drop me off in some secluded area and shoot me point blank.

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ad: You have to watch this movie, "Shortbus".

"Shosshbuzz?" I asked while still brushing my teeth and some foam was visible at the side of my mouth.

Yeah. It's an art nouveau film with real sex.

I took out the electronic toothbrush from my mouth and said, "Real sex? Like how?"

"Like penis put into the vagina and humping. And, there's another scene with a man self-sucking his dick," he said rather casually with a hint of excitement.

Whoa. Artsy, I thought.

I didn't rush to the DVD player and played the movie right away cos I was so beaten from the 4 day trip. However, I managed to see an hour or so of the movie last night (before switching to TV for American Idol 6).

The movie started off just like what Ad had described. An unknown jazz song started the movie which was set in New York. A melancholic young man submerged in the water in a bath tub was looking at his wrinkly penis and in another apartment, a man went down on his wife who was sitting on a piano, naked. In another scene, a dominatrix conduct her modus operandi in a hotel whom was hired by a young gay man - imagine oversize dildo in many colours, whips, and assorted cans.

Back to the young man's apartment now, he was attempting to suck himself while his neighbour was peeping. The straight couple, however, fcked like the wild boars doing it in the National Geographic (in every possible spots in their apartment) and the dominatrix's client was seen stroking his hard dick on the bed while she continued her MO. And, all of them came at the same time. With real cum.

Nice start.

If anything, Shortbus is real as it touches the softer side of human beings and dealt with controversial subject that is sex. Some people might find it offensive if not shocked by the vivid display of the sex scenes that also involves homosexual couple. I look at it as art, tho. In fact, if given an opportunity (one thing I'd like to achieve in life besides sky diving), I would like to do a movie that all of us can relate and yes, it involves sex, too. A little In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, and Bad Education all mashed. A masseur or a hairstylist who is a sex addict based in Kota Bharu but visit her grandmother in the Kampung regularly cos she is her only living family member.

But, I digress. In fact, I WAS supposed to review 300, the movie.

To be continued...

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I'm not gay

I drink beer, hence I'm not gay.
I love football, hence I'm not gay.
I like babes, hence I'm not gay.
I wear black, hence I'm not gay.
I love steaks, hence I'm not gay.
I don't like small dogs, hence I'm not gay.
I listen to rock & roll, hence I'm not gay.
I watch Sports channel, hence I'm not gay.
I don't scream covering my mouth with my hand;
hence, I'm not gay.

This poem is inspired by the
Cleo's 50 Most Gay Eligible Bachelor in Singapore.

Disclaimer: If you are offended and pissed off by this article then, too bad! It is time to learn to take things lightly, dude.

Monday, March 12, 2007

I rant therefore I am

I noticed that I do not like red heads. I think it is disgusting to see a naked red head, be it a girl or a boy. I think it makes me think of carrots. Carrot-dye pubic hair, anyone?


Why am I talking about red heads? Not that I slept with a red head recently - I'd be damned if I did and Ad will throw me out from the 14th floor. It is just some thing I noticed, like a side-way curved penis. It is not disgusting, a side-way curved penis. It's just...funny looking. Like, seeing a man shoving his dick into a watermelon.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of YouTube. These are the people who failed to be The Survivor, compete in The Amazing Race or eating craps in the Fear Factor. These videos are raw and they are frighteningly entertaining. And, no. Reality tv can't beat these shits. I'm hooked if ever slightly.

I noticed on our local daily when I got into the plane back to good old Kay-El last night that Mr. K's project failed terribly in some meeting and his response to the poor turn out? "People are ignorant". Face it, dude. They are not sailing the same boat as you. This and the fire over in Kg Chempaka that killed a family screwed up my upbeat mood. Some more, I was seated next to an uncle who was chomping loudly and happily on his packet of Thai peanuts (and later stretched his smelly legs out) and two college looking French girls who talked non-stop and slightly louder than I expected...of the 2 hours flight. Almost slit their throats but the plastic knife given to me for the in-flight dinner couldn't even cut the chicken in the meal it provided. I blamed it to sugar, the happy French girls.

I noticed a lot had changed in the retail scene in Bangkok and when they change, they seriously changed. Seriously. I was blown away by the visual impact they've created be it in fashion boutiques, restaurants, cafes and the shopping malls. These are a group of savvy retail people who managed these places and they know what bring in the customers. Create over-the-top effects in the outlet, inject dramatic and innovative elements in the visual display, and it is all very designerish and some time chic. Some failed cos they tried too hard but mostly scored high marks for the effort. Is there a Thai university that churns out creative people year in and year out that I do not know of? Or, the food they consume?

The food they consume. A lot of Som Tam and red hot chilli peppers. These combination did not produce creative people in Thailand. Instead, it created a lot of pretty hot chicks. And I don't mean the feather ones. Imagine Nadia Huttagulong and Tata Young. The ladies in Thailand are hot and quote me for saying this, 9 out of 10 girls are slim. Really slim body that showcases the waist and the booties. Yes, they are hot like that El-Nino song. No wonder straight men love to travel to Thailand. In contrary, I see 4 out of 10 women that are over-weight or has weight problem in Malaysia. Girls, cut the Nasi Lemak and the Banana Leave rice. Som tam is the way to diet. And, don't get me started on the men.

I noticed also that Sabrina, one of my fav in American Idol got cut and the final 12 is not the 12 that I wanted it to be. I wasn't unhappy to see the final 12 contestants cos I kinda predicted it that way. Tho I wished the bug-eye, kiss-ass dude was cut last week. My final three predictions: 1) Melinda Doolittle 2) Stephanie Edwards 3) Blake Lewis


Wednesday, March 7, 2007


It has been a while since the last time I've gone for a biz trip. I am quite looking forward to it cos this time it will be different from before. I hope it brings lots of inspirations.

Will be back Monday!


Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Subversive, Provocative Style

SPS if abbreviated. And, that is Nooka's founder, Matthew Waldman's secret formulation.

What the FISH is a Nooka, I hear you asking?

It's a watch. Plain and simple digital and analog watches. But, they are not just your regular watch. It is a designer watch for that matter. And, as a self-proclaimed designer-whore - for the uninitiated, designer-whore is define as a person who appreciates anything and everything that has all the element of a good design and not necessarily branded goods. Radical, innovative, fresh design and concept that can tell a story by wearing it and owning it. It's like antique but antique is old. Design-whore craves for new things/ideas. A very good example is the iPod. It looks good and, it plays all the music you like in a pocket-size medium. Unfortunately, it is a tad bit over-rated. I am kind cos I used the the phrase 'a tad bit'.

So what is SO innovative and radical about these watches?

Nooka employs the concept of progressive linear bars or sequential dots in a backlit LCD display to tell time. So, as time progresses, visual mass increases to represent hours and minutes, creating amore heightened, intuitive awareness of time.

Whoa. Complicated.

To sum it up, Nooka is damn funky and it brought us back to the future reminiscing those days when our father used to own digital clocks in rectangular shapes that come in different vibrant colours in the colourful, funky era of the 70s. A bit like a thermometer and how it tells time is certainly, definitely for fashionable geek like me. Ha. (Yes, Ad. That's a hint. It's available in Singapore) *grin sheepishly*

Meantime, I can just sulk for not able to own one. Like, I have been sulking to get a DSLR.

Monday, March 5, 2007

Music, Live!

Can music change your mood? Influence a person's mind? And, erm, alter lives?

I have always been very fond of music since my 1st cassette day - it was Tommy Page AND Paula Abdul, if you must know - really explains a lot of my preference, eh? *smirk* In those days, cassettes were a luxury and having an original cassette (mind you, there were copies back then) was deemed cool. Many other cassettes and CDs later, I am still very fond of music. Without music, there really isn't life. Like TV, Internet, Starbucks, clean underwears and Bak Kut Teh.

But, can music really alter lives? It changes my mood, yes. If I am stressed out at work, pissed off with my staff or a customer who criticized my products (esp. bags), as cliche as it might sound I would prefer to turn on some chill out music, burn some home essential oil & just, relax. That's relaxation and it is priceless for a materialistic urbanite like me. Or, when I am stuck in a massive traffic jam for no reason in the city, I would play some funky music, music of dance, pop or rock genre. And sing out loud. The person in the car next to me can laugh all he/she wants.

It influences a person's mind. Yes, too. Imagine playing Quizas, Quizas, Quizas in a shop that sells colorful products of all sorts for your house *grin*. And, you have some stash to spend. You will, inevitably buy something from the store. No? Of cos, if the shop assistant looks like this, I would spend another hour just browsing.

(Picture unavailable due to unforeseen circumcision)

Alter lives? Hmm...that I cannot comprehend. Gary Chaw, the very popular local Chinese singer from Malaysia who made it big recently in Taiwan and other Chinese speaking regions (yeah, Malaysia Boleh - duh) was quoted as saying that music changed his life. People like Stevie Wonder and R. Kelly.

I believe I can fly?

Sex in the kitchen?

Reggae Bump, Bump (

Sex Weed


SERIOUSLY. I think his music altered a lot of people's lives. To start with, paedophiles. Gary, baby. If I were you, I'd rather quote Diana Ross.

I'm coming out. Inspiring, no?

Music that I am very fond of right now.

  1. Happy Feet OST - If you are a regular here, you do know how much I love that movie. The music is not an exception. Take a listen to Brittany Murphy's voice and Pink doing a fun number. You'll be tapping your foot and wished you were born a penguin. .... Err, maybe not.

  2. Running with Scissors OST - I love Augusten Burrough. I am reading his latest memoirs, "Possible Side Effects" which is as wickedly funny as RWS. And, I had just watched the movie last night and I think Annette Benning did a superfine role as his drugged up, psychotic, self-centred mother who is more interested with chasing her dream to become a famous poet than caring for him.

  3. What comes around, goes around - Justin Timberlake from FutureSex/LoveSound. I can never get enough of this man.

  4. PDA (We just don't care) - John Legend from Once Again. The MTV makes me really, really want to go to South America, esp. Brazil and Buenos Aires.

  5. Centrefold - Pink from I'm not Dead.

  6. Dreamgirls OST - This album appeals to a lot of my fellow pink friends. I am not alone. We love Jennifer Hudson. Seriously love.

  7. Life in a Cartoon Motion - Mika. This Lebanese born and raised in Paris is huge at the moment. You don't fcking know who he is? Imagine a bit of Queen, a bit if George Michael and a bit of Scissors Sisters. You get the drift.

  8. Candyman - Christina Aguilera from Back to Basic. One word: Cabaret, very Chicago

  9. This ain't a scene, it's an arm's race - Fall out Boys from Infinity on High. This song really, really get me going.

  10. Black Holes and Revelations - Muse. I've first heard of Muse that was 4 years back and they were ur regular English band blokes. Their music has changed quite a bit since and it appeals more to the mass especially the single, 'Starlight'. I am not about to complain except that I miss their fcking good concert in KL recently.

  11. Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged - One of the must-have MTV Unplugged album. Look out for him shaking his bon-bon and grabbing his crotch AND shaking his bon-bon and having a lot of fun doing it - his singing was flawless and the band! They rocked it, man. This is what I call true musicians.

  12. Read my Mind - The Killers from Sam's Town.

  13. Hey Oh (Snow) - Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This song so addictive it is like eating Mentos' Mix. Mmmm...