Monday, March 12, 2007

I rant therefore I am

I noticed that I do not like red heads. I think it is disgusting to see a naked red head, be it a girl or a boy. I think it makes me think of carrots. Carrot-dye pubic hair, anyone?


Why am I talking about red heads? Not that I slept with a red head recently - I'd be damned if I did and Ad will throw me out from the 14th floor. It is just some thing I noticed, like a side-way curved penis. It is not disgusting, a side-way curved penis. It's just...funny looking. Like, seeing a man shoving his dick into a watermelon.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of YouTube. These are the people who failed to be The Survivor, compete in The Amazing Race or eating craps in the Fear Factor. These videos are raw and they are frighteningly entertaining. And, no. Reality tv can't beat these shits. I'm hooked if ever slightly.

I noticed on our local daily when I got into the plane back to good old Kay-El last night that Mr. K's project failed terribly in some meeting and his response to the poor turn out? "People are ignorant". Face it, dude. They are not sailing the same boat as you. This and the fire over in Kg Chempaka that killed a family screwed up my upbeat mood. Some more, I was seated next to an uncle who was chomping loudly and happily on his packet of Thai peanuts (and later stretched his smelly legs out) and two college looking French girls who talked non-stop and slightly louder than I expected...of the 2 hours flight. Almost slit their throats but the plastic knife given to me for the in-flight dinner couldn't even cut the chicken in the meal it provided. I blamed it to sugar, the happy French girls.

I noticed a lot had changed in the retail scene in Bangkok and when they change, they seriously changed. Seriously. I was blown away by the visual impact they've created be it in fashion boutiques, restaurants, cafes and the shopping malls. These are a group of savvy retail people who managed these places and they know what bring in the customers. Create over-the-top effects in the outlet, inject dramatic and innovative elements in the visual display, and it is all very designerish and some time chic. Some failed cos they tried too hard but mostly scored high marks for the effort. Is there a Thai university that churns out creative people year in and year out that I do not know of? Or, the food they consume?

The food they consume. A lot of Som Tam and red hot chilli peppers. These combination did not produce creative people in Thailand. Instead, it created a lot of pretty hot chicks. And I don't mean the feather ones. Imagine Nadia Huttagulong and Tata Young. The ladies in Thailand are hot and quote me for saying this, 9 out of 10 girls are slim. Really slim body that showcases the waist and the booties. Yes, they are hot like that El-Nino song. No wonder straight men love to travel to Thailand. In contrary, I see 4 out of 10 women that are over-weight or has weight problem in Malaysia. Girls, cut the Nasi Lemak and the Banana Leave rice. Som tam is the way to diet. And, don't get me started on the men.

I noticed also that Sabrina, one of my fav in American Idol got cut and the final 12 is not the 12 that I wanted it to be. I wasn't unhappy to see the final 12 contestants cos I kinda predicted it that way. Tho I wished the bug-eye, kiss-ass dude was cut last week. My final three predictions: 1) Melinda Doolittle 2) Stephanie Edwards 3) Blake Lewis



Sam said...

I love YouTube. Seriously, I can spend a lot of time on YouTube - but compared to Wiki, I'm 70% on Wiki, 30% on YouTube.

Gives you an idea about how much I suck up on info from Wiki. :P

heungsu said...

nice blog!

_ethnwg said...

sam: wiki-phile. hehehe ... tat's good cos u gained a lot from reading those stuff. youTube is quilty pleasure :p

heungsu: thanks for visiting!