Monday, March 5, 2007

Music, Live!

Can music change your mood? Influence a person's mind? And, erm, alter lives?

I have always been very fond of music since my 1st cassette day - it was Tommy Page AND Paula Abdul, if you must know - really explains a lot of my preference, eh? *smirk* In those days, cassettes were a luxury and having an original cassette (mind you, there were copies back then) was deemed cool. Many other cassettes and CDs later, I am still very fond of music. Without music, there really isn't life. Like TV, Internet, Starbucks, clean underwears and Bak Kut Teh.

But, can music really alter lives? It changes my mood, yes. If I am stressed out at work, pissed off with my staff or a customer who criticized my products (esp. bags), as cliche as it might sound I would prefer to turn on some chill out music, burn some home essential oil & just, relax. That's relaxation and it is priceless for a materialistic urbanite like me. Or, when I am stuck in a massive traffic jam for no reason in the city, I would play some funky music, music of dance, pop or rock genre. And sing out loud. The person in the car next to me can laugh all he/she wants.

It influences a person's mind. Yes, too. Imagine playing Quizas, Quizas, Quizas in a shop that sells colorful products of all sorts for your house *grin*. And, you have some stash to spend. You will, inevitably buy something from the store. No? Of cos, if the shop assistant looks like this, I would spend another hour just browsing.

(Picture unavailable due to unforeseen circumcision)

Alter lives? Hmm...that I cannot comprehend. Gary Chaw, the very popular local Chinese singer from Malaysia who made it big recently in Taiwan and other Chinese speaking regions (yeah, Malaysia Boleh - duh) was quoted as saying that music changed his life. People like Stevie Wonder and R. Kelly.

I believe I can fly?

Sex in the kitchen?

Reggae Bump, Bump (

Sex Weed


SERIOUSLY. I think his music altered a lot of people's lives. To start with, paedophiles. Gary, baby. If I were you, I'd rather quote Diana Ross.

I'm coming out. Inspiring, no?

Music that I am very fond of right now.

  1. Happy Feet OST - If you are a regular here, you do know how much I love that movie. The music is not an exception. Take a listen to Brittany Murphy's voice and Pink doing a fun number. You'll be tapping your foot and wished you were born a penguin. .... Err, maybe not.

  2. Running with Scissors OST - I love Augusten Burrough. I am reading his latest memoirs, "Possible Side Effects" which is as wickedly funny as RWS. And, I had just watched the movie last night and I think Annette Benning did a superfine role as his drugged up, psychotic, self-centred mother who is more interested with chasing her dream to become a famous poet than caring for him.

  3. What comes around, goes around - Justin Timberlake from FutureSex/LoveSound. I can never get enough of this man.

  4. PDA (We just don't care) - John Legend from Once Again. The MTV makes me really, really want to go to South America, esp. Brazil and Buenos Aires.

  5. Centrefold - Pink from I'm not Dead.

  6. Dreamgirls OST - This album appeals to a lot of my fellow pink friends. I am not alone. We love Jennifer Hudson. Seriously love.

  7. Life in a Cartoon Motion - Mika. This Lebanese born and raised in Paris is huge at the moment. You don't fcking know who he is? Imagine a bit of Queen, a bit if George Michael and a bit of Scissors Sisters. You get the drift.

  8. Candyman - Christina Aguilera from Back to Basic. One word: Cabaret, very Chicago

  9. This ain't a scene, it's an arm's race - Fall out Boys from Infinity on High. This song really, really get me going.

  10. Black Holes and Revelations - Muse. I've first heard of Muse that was 4 years back and they were ur regular English band blokes. Their music has changed quite a bit since and it appeals more to the mass especially the single, 'Starlight'. I am not about to complain except that I miss their fcking good concert in KL recently.

  11. Ricky Martin MTV Unplugged - One of the must-have MTV Unplugged album. Look out for him shaking his bon-bon and grabbing his crotch AND shaking his bon-bon and having a lot of fun doing it - his singing was flawless and the band! They rocked it, man. This is what I call true musicians.

  12. Read my Mind - The Killers from Sam's Town.

  13. Hey Oh (Snow) - Red Hot Chilli Peppers. This song so addictive it is like eating Mentos' Mix. Mmmm...


Oh Sinful One said...

you should check out "Cuz I Can" by Pink from the same album...

_ethnwg said...

Yeah. I basically hv the album

Love it!