Monday, March 26, 2007

Still Amazing

I have so much to blog...I shall start with

The Amazing Race

After the huge success of the the first Amazing Race Asia (ARA) last year, the show is back with it's second installation and it is currently open for registration until 31st March 2007. Just about last week, I received an email from a friend from college who is based in Jakarta now if I'd like to join ARA2 with her. Absolutely! was my reply to her but I had two problems, 1) Ad wants to take part in ARA2 (We wanted to audition last year but totally given up on the idea because we wanted to go for a vacation) cos the Malaysian team won - it sorta gave him 'hope' 2) She is in Jakarta, and I am in Kuala Lumpur.

So. It dawned on her we can't do the audition video together cos we are not only living in 2 different countries but also the deadline is close. Boo hoo cos she is a seriously fun girl and I get along with her really well - Yes, Funky Suzie, I am referring to you. Hence, I am back to no problem and a sure-go with Ad.

As soon as we smelled 'slow biz day' yday at the flea market, we wrapped up early and got home to do an audition video for ARA2. There were disagreements (sign #1: communication breakdown - bad for the competition) but we managed to pull it together and produce a WHACKY video. No, I am not blogging the video (shy-mah) unless we were shortlisted. Just imagine a bit of singing, dancing, and a lot of bad acting :p Oh and I do think Ad should audition for some TV programs. He's pretty au naturel in front of the camera whilst I am as stiff as a rock!

*Crossing my fingers*

To swim or not to swim

After 58th take of our audition video, we were beat. And, I would really want to take a dip in the pool cos of the unbearable heat. I had to check numerous times from my study's window if it is OK to go down for a swim cos I do not like 1) kids 2) adults playing 'water polo' using inflated ball 3) couples playing footsie or exhibiting PDA in the pool scantily clad. Eww.

Final check and I was cleared from #2 and #3, so I went down slightly apprehensive carrying with me a bulk of positivism. As soon as I was done lifting weights at the gym, I quickly jumped into the pool and headed straight to the man-made waterfall ignoring #1 and #3 - yes, there were couples! Giggling kind some more! Still. It was amazing cos seriously, after living there for 1.5 years now, I think that was my 3rd trip to the pool and it was nice. Of cos, there was eye candy at that time, too. Definitely will add on more swimming session in my schedule :p

Pan's Labyrinth

One. great. show. It is a darker version of Alice in the Wonderland providing us questions on reality vs fantasy, good vs evil. I thought of it more like Harry Potter with a lot of fantasy like creatures but I was let down by that assumption. Still, it definitely is one of the best movies I've seen so far this year. Half Nelson, and Children of Men will be next.

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