Wednesday, March 21, 2007


I am addicted to 'Heroes' as many of you have already known. Yes, I purchased the DVD for RM35.00 for 11 episodes only. Some might think I am out of my mind cos they'd say, 'Just friggin' download it, man' or 'You could watch on youTube you know?'

Right. I, of cos, know all that. But, as much as I'd like to save RM35.00, nothing beats the comfort and luxury of sitting on your cosy sofa in front of the tv in your cosy living room watching Hiro Nakamura speaking smattering English and stop time while trying to win in poker. Quite priceless, if you asked me. (Unfortunately, I have only 11 episodes, hence, I had to rely on friends to pass me the other episodes that can only be watched on PC. Sigh.)

I had a weird dream last night. I dreamt that my neighbour's front door (we usually call it grille)was completely removed and I felt that there were some insidious activities taking place behind the wooden door. I felt that I had some sort of superpower that I could walk thru the door, just like Nicki's husband, TJ? AJ? DL? I'm hopeless with name. And, I could not fathom what my dream was trying to tell me. Hmm...

If given a choice that you could possess two type of superpowers, what would it be? I wouldn't want to read people's mind because imagine ...

Pear-lady: Hi Eeethan!

Me: Hi. How are you?

And then I heard what she is thinking.

Fucked up. My hubby think I have saggy tits and my stomach gets in the way last night.

Gee. There are just too many crazy people out there and to have the ability to read their mind is not gonna make anything better. I think.

So, I would choose the ability of stopping time and absorb other people's superpower. That rocks! I think Peter Petrelli is lucky cos imagine whenever he wants to impress a girl, all he has to do is to pop by Nathan's office, absorb his power and voila! He can fly the girl to the moon and back.

I'd like to know what superpower that you guys would like to possess. So vote for your favorite superpower ... Something tells me that invisibility is gonna be the most popular.

What superpower you'd like to own?
I want to be invisible
I want to read mind
I want to walk through walls
I want to stop time!
I want to fly, like Superman!
I want self-heal
I want to have an elastic body!
I want to absorb other's superpower!
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jase said...

hmmm.. the super powers i wanted was not listed.. I want to be like Magneto! hahaha.. control metal through electroc magnetic waves! haha.. but I guess you won't accomodate me, eh?

Bibik Nyonya said... really into heroes huh...until get dreams some more. Ha ha ha! Good post anyway...write on!

savante said...

Psychic powers definitely!

_ethnwg said...

jase: magneto? tat's cool too but I dont think i can accomodate you with tat now ;)

bibik nyonya: hey tks for the comments! i like your moniker hehe

paul: psychic powers? hmm.... i tot you'd like to be invisible :p