Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Subversive, Provocative Style

SPS if abbreviated. And, that is Nooka's founder, Matthew Waldman's secret formulation.

What the FISH is a Nooka, I hear you asking?

It's a watch. Plain and simple digital and analog watches. But, they are not just your regular watch. It is a designer watch for that matter. And, as a self-proclaimed designer-whore - for the uninitiated, designer-whore is define as a person who appreciates anything and everything that has all the element of a good design and not necessarily branded goods. Radical, innovative, fresh design and concept that can tell a story by wearing it and owning it. It's like antique but antique is old. Design-whore craves for new things/ideas. A very good example is the iPod. It looks good and, it plays all the music you like in a pocket-size medium. Unfortunately, it is a tad bit over-rated. I am kind cos I used the the phrase 'a tad bit'.

So what is SO innovative and radical about these watches?

Nooka employs the concept of progressive linear bars or sequential dots in a backlit LCD display to tell time. So, as time progresses, visual mass increases to represent hours and minutes, creating amore heightened, intuitive awareness of time.

Whoa. Complicated.

To sum it up, Nooka is damn funky and it brought us back to the future reminiscing those days when our father used to own digital clocks in rectangular shapes that come in different vibrant colours in the colourful, funky era of the 70s. A bit like a thermometer and how it tells time is certainly, definitely for fashionable geek like me. Ha. (Yes, Ad. That's a hint. It's available in Singapore) *grin sheepishly*

Meantime, I can just sulk for not able to own one. Like, I have been sulking to get a DSLR.

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