Monday, March 19, 2007

Style, design and ... pimping.

I always enjoy the thrill of rushing for a project or overseeing a project in the aspect of installation i.e furniture, ledges etc and fitting out i.e. accessories, at a client's place. Installation, well, could be the least favorite cos of the dust and the heat at site while planning stage is the best.

Planning involves a lot of research and by research I mean, searching for the right stuff to fit out for every space of an office, or a private residential. In short, it means, shopping! Shopping is fun especially if you have a client with a deep pocket and good taste. Shopping is not fun when your client likes tacky and cheap stuff.

I had two jobs done for a friend and my sister. However, both did not materialise not because they hated the design, or we blew their budget. It is just, I dunno *shrugs*. If I have another opportunity, I'd like to do it again. So I ask Chatty_Jane:

Me: Hey! You just bought a new house, right?

CJ: Yeah! Finally I can move out from that pathetic, pee-smelling pig-sty! (She was, of cos, referring to the lobby, the carpark, the tenants of the condo, incl. the management ppl. MK something.)

Me: Yeah. But I will most certainly miss the "art nouveau" grafitti on the wall in the lifts. Haha! (You see, I see everything as art even if it is bloody "conteng" on the wall).

CJ: Shit you lah!

Me: Haha...So. Can I pimp it? Please? Please? I will do it for you for some cupcakes, scones, and truffles. (She bakes heavenly scones and truffles!)

CJ: Hahaha....Shit you lah. I am so recycling everything from my place lah! Maybe just paint job.

Me: Seriously, you still need advice cos your current place is kinda missing something. Not the chic-factor nor the contemporary-factor cos I can't expect you to come up with that mah. You good at baking only.

CJ: Shit you la! FYI, you and I are in the same industry, OK!

Me: Ok, look sweetie. Your place is nice. But, it COULD be better, serious. I know you'd probably think I will suggest expensive stuff eventhough I would but still. I'm just saying it could be better. Let me pimp it, cmon!

CJ: Hahaha..... See how lah!

And, that was weeks ago and we haven't discussed since. I guess I can just focus on pimping my client's place now.

I get dizzy lookin' at beautiful houses like these...


savante said...

A little too modern for me. I'm more the Bohemian chic / French country person. I collect junk and love to display it.

jase said...

I like the third and fourth one. Very classic and gives some kinda peaceful feeling.. haha

_ethnwg said...

What? Nobody likes the avant garde toilet? Hmm....

Yea, Paul. I remember ur style. I love collecting stuff and keep them, too until Ad throws them away

Dont you just love the Paul Smith's sofas? ;)