Thursday, March 15, 2007


Ad: You have to watch this movie, "Shortbus".

"Shosshbuzz?" I asked while still brushing my teeth and some foam was visible at the side of my mouth.

Yeah. It's an art nouveau film with real sex.

I took out the electronic toothbrush from my mouth and said, "Real sex? Like how?"

"Like penis put into the vagina and humping. And, there's another scene with a man self-sucking his dick," he said rather casually with a hint of excitement.

Whoa. Artsy, I thought.

I didn't rush to the DVD player and played the movie right away cos I was so beaten from the 4 day trip. However, I managed to see an hour or so of the movie last night (before switching to TV for American Idol 6).

The movie started off just like what Ad had described. An unknown jazz song started the movie which was set in New York. A melancholic young man submerged in the water in a bath tub was looking at his wrinkly penis and in another apartment, a man went down on his wife who was sitting on a piano, naked. In another scene, a dominatrix conduct her modus operandi in a hotel whom was hired by a young gay man - imagine oversize dildo in many colours, whips, and assorted cans.

Back to the young man's apartment now, he was attempting to suck himself while his neighbour was peeping. The straight couple, however, fcked like the wild boars doing it in the National Geographic (in every possible spots in their apartment) and the dominatrix's client was seen stroking his hard dick on the bed while she continued her MO. And, all of them came at the same time. With real cum.

Nice start.

If anything, Shortbus is real as it touches the softer side of human beings and dealt with controversial subject that is sex. Some people might find it offensive if not shocked by the vivid display of the sex scenes that also involves homosexual couple. I look at it as art, tho. In fact, if given an opportunity (one thing I'd like to achieve in life besides sky diving), I would like to do a movie that all of us can relate and yes, it involves sex, too. A little In the Mood for Love, Chungking Express, and Bad Education all mashed. A masseur or a hairstylist who is a sex addict based in Kota Bharu but visit her grandmother in the Kampung regularly cos she is her only living family member.

But, I digress. In fact, I WAS supposed to review 300, the movie.

To be continued...


savante said...

Ooh. I've heard all about it but haven't seen it. Sigh.

- Angel Lover - said...

heard to be a nice movie.
do u have the DVD?