Friday, March 23, 2007

American Idiot

A friend dropped in to say hi 2 days ago and we spoke about food and Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg. I asked her if there is such a dish and she replied with a resounding YES and, "it's delicious!" followed by two thumbs up.

Never in my life have I ever heard of Stir Fried Crab with Salted Egg so, I asked my boss and she replied with a resounding YES followed by "oh you so making me fat!!".

I am dead curious by then. I asked Ad in the evening (still not convince that I am the last person on earth who has not heard of such dish). His replied was not as exciting as the girls cos he doesnt like crab. Still, I want to try so last night he suggested this place, King Crab, near our house and ordered exactly that and a lot of other dishes for ahem, two persons. While enjoyin' my King Crab, I received an sms from Dodgy Gaby.

DG: You out in America idiot.

Fumbling between two oily hands, a tissue and the buttons on my mobile phone, I replied:

Me: What the FUCK are you talking about? (You see, we are best of friends and we like to use vulgarities to constantly give us the assurance of our masculinity)

DG: American Idol who was kick out please tell me urgent.

Me: FUCK! I tot wat you so rude! Melinda Doolittle...Sigh

DG: Wow i read back the sms damn funny

Me: And RUdE!

DG: Wrongly wrote sorry that, indian guy should have left soon he be the most hated guy soon

Me: My theory is that his father has connection with all the Indians living in America and asked all of them to vote for his son. And, he would pay USD50 for all his workers to continue sms until the voting is close. Hence, he is still in.

DG: I also say the producer are keeping him too, cos of the rating

Me: ANYWAYS, since when do you follow American Idol, you wuss! (You see, he thinks American Idol is a bloody stupid show. His theory was ... nevermind. But, he thinks it's for lame people.)

DG: Brother watch it so cought on to me.

ME: Ha! Loser! :)

As soon as I'm done with my silly series of smses with Dodgy Gaby, Ad announced to me that the bottom two was Chris Richardson and Stephanie Edwards. Of cos, Melinda Doolittle is still in the competition, looking prettier than ever (the latter was cut instead). It was shocking cos I like her and she definitely does not deserve to be cut. Not so soon.

Damn American idiot.

PS: I really enjoyed the Stir Fried Salty Egg Crab. It was so delicious that I was a little giddy after having had a few claws :p

I'm so gonna watch Pan's Labyrinth this Sat. I'm gonna make Ad watch it :p / 300 was crazy good. Very artistic and every scene is poster-worthy / Amazing Race Asia 2 audition is on! And I haven't got any ideas how to do the video hmmm......


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