Saturday, March 17, 2007

Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda

As you grow older, you become wiser.

My boss was telling me the other day. I have worked for my boss for a very long time and I respect her for her beliefs. A strong-willed, never-say-fail, and a hardworking woman, she has been through a lot in life than most of us have had. There are times when advice is given, I heed and there are times I would disagree with her and secretly laughed out loud inside.

When I borrowed the iPod from a friend sometime last year, of cos, I did not think of all the advice she, my boss, had given me. I just took it without thinking much about the repercussions. As I was strutting around and about in the mall with my iPod, I thought I looked cool - seriously, it's like having background music in your life just like in the movies. Imagine these...

Eating McDonald's value meal while listening to Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' or playing 'Besame Mucho' while sitting in the boat, chilling out in some remote island east coast. Not cool?

Still, the cool factor did not last long. In fact, as soon as I had found out someone had deliberately taken it away from me in the office, I was panicking as hell. Of cos, my boss soon noticed my odd behavior while trying to turn the office upside down searching for the missing item. After 2 hrs of search including body search, we stopped and deduced that it has been stolen and the usual suspects are so and so. What followed was some vulgarities that I'd rather not put it in words. She was comforting. Never patronising. Something I should learn in life.

I was angry. I was angry of myself than the SOB who took the iPod from me. I was angry why is it that I did not listen to my head but my heart when I borrowed the iPod from my fren whom gladly loaned it to me and said that "it was gift so you know, when I needed it back I will ask for it."

Fast forward to today, I discovered through a fren that my fren wanted her iPod back (odd discovery). And, yes, I did not know how to tell her that it was stolen. I had tried phrasing the words to confess but to no avail and I let the problem sat on it...for a while. As soon as I found out from this fren about the news, I text my fren that I would return the iPod to her soon but a new machine cos someone had stolen it. She did not react to the stolen part except that she needed it really soon. It hasn't been sorted out, exactly.

The moral of the story?

  1. Do not take advantage of a situation or a person especially if you had made promises. It is word of honour that reflects your morality than anything. Priceless.

  2. Do not make decision using your friggin' heart (or your penis)! Listen to your head!

  3. Boss' advice is not always a bad thing especially if it is a sincere one.

  4. There are realiable friends out there eventhough I do not keep in touch with them so much :)

  5. Don't be a cheapskate. No, serious!

Sigh. A real good start to the weekend. This month is a 'suey' month. To start it off, my windscreen was cracked. Dang. Every cloud has a Silver Lining, perhaps?

I really wanna watch Pan's Labyrinth, too


jase said...

Awww.. poor thing you.. Hmmm, don't really remember how much an Ipod cost now since I don't keep up with the market anymore. but oh well.. It has passed, a decision is made. Even I had some really unfortunate accidents happen to me this month. It must be something that is going around.. sigh.. but it too has passed. Cheer up eh?

m5lvin said...

Cheer up dude~

All the "suey" things will go away sooner than you could possibly think so....

Pan's Labyrinth..damn chunned!!!!!!

savante said...

Aiya! Very bad! Who is the idiot thief! Sigh.

Takashi @ Pluboy said...

lost liao, cry also no use..wats important is u hav it replaced lor hor? okok??

just a lesson lar.. i never leave my mp3 (oh, still got ppl listen to mp3 player!??), wallet and phone around in the office.. u juzt cant be too sure..

_ethnwg said...

aw tks guys. that's really nice. it must be the eclipse that is causing me all this unfortunate things...i dunno. but, seriously, thanks



Derek said...

Hi there

Ooh, Pan's Labyrinth. Go watch it, it's really good. It's really dark and just wonderful ;P

_ethnwg said...

Hi Derek

I havent got the time to actually go to the movie, yet. It's been busy busy busy.

Thanks for dropping by