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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Inter-you, Inter-me, Internet

When, may I ask, does the internet become indispensable to the world?

Excerpts from The Star (28/12/2006):

KUALA LUMPUR: One group that has been badly hit by the disruption of Internet access is the blogger community. Most bloggers using overseas-based servers like Friendster, Xanga and MySpace have found it difficult to access their weblogs. Blogger Joyce Wong said she only managed to upload a few sentences onto her blog.

“It is really getting to me because I have all my information and contacts online and I cannot get my work done,” said Wong, who is known as KinkyBlueFairy online.

For radio deejay cum music producer Johan Farid Khairuddin, the inability to post his blog meant that he has been disconnected from his fans.

“I blog very frequently – every five minutes if I may say so – and this breakdown has affected me emotionally as I am unable to interact with others,” said the 26-year-old.

But, seriously bloggers. Were you that affected? I was simply irritated cos I couldn't check my mails at work. I guess I am not a serial-blogger, yet. I was just asking my fellow blogger, Sam at Transmission 8, this question earlier: "What would happen to the world if there is no internet, mobile phones, telephone AND TV?" Sam said he would scream.

And, all hell will break loose, too. I told him. The kids will start to go out and play on the playground. And suddenly, they all know what is 'konda kondi' and all the other 'kampung' games I used to play. Hmm...I sure hope that will happen *devilish grin* That's because kids are too caught up with themselves lately. No? It's all about 'ME'. But, if it happens, total cut off from any form of communications, I think I will just sit back, chill out and enjoy the show. Now, THAT'S "reality TV", wouldn't you say? Haha...

Times (Asia) recently voted the YOU as the 'Person of the Year'. Yes, YOU as in US. There was a reflective 'mirror' on the cover of the magazine which follows by the caption, 'Yes, you. You control the Information Age. Welcome to your world.'

'We are the citizen of the new digital democracy,' the story continues. Since the inception of blogging and YouTube (and of cos, a lot other internet services such as Flickr, mySpace, Multiply etc), the world is becoming smaller and smaller. Everyone in the streets blog about their life or has a mySpace. The 'Ah Poh' selling vegies at the market, the Captain from the U.S Army who was sent to Iraq, the 15 yo girl aka Lonelygirl15 created by two screenwriters, the geek, your boss...anyone, really. Some of these guys may have had dramatically changed the political scene, namely, a certain someone called Lane Hudson after he purpotedly revealed on his blog that Mark Foley, a Florida Representative, tried to hit on him (Hudson) unsucessfully. Foley, of cos, resigned from his post.

Malaysian bloggers are just as 'happening' as our fellow bloggers in the US of A. Last year or early this year, a blogger was charged with a certain amount of hours doing community service for blogging on his drug habits online. Kenny Sia's unabashedly threw a party in the sleepy Kuching city inviting all his fellow readers and openly discussed about Circumcision online, a randy 21 yo openly speaks about his sexuality and his mother's view of it, and his confession of LURRVE to a certain someone in UK (trust me, he is just a small friction of a larger community of teenage girls who openly confess their love online haha....he's soooo gonna kill me) and our local R&B queen's manager blogging about her activities around Malaysia and overseas (seriously, does he really think we are so gullible that we do not know he is managing Nin....whoops). Of cos, there is more but let's stop at that now.

We all, if truth to be told, cannot live without the internet. It has become such a big part of our lives and without it, seriously, I cant possibly be ranting about stuff like this online or show off my photographs (dont even talk about discovering that talent of mine).

Times featured a few other "citizens of the new digital democracy" and one of it is Ali Kurshid, 22, from Karachi, Pakistan who takes pictures "to make sure Pakistan's real beauty was put through,"" he says. He started taking picture at the age of 8 with a disposable Kodak camera and he had since moved on to fancier digital gears eventhough he has hung on to his low-tech attitude.

"I love how the best pictures are usually taken with Holgas and other toy cameras (I seconded his theory!)," he says. "It just confirms my beliefs that the eye is supreme in taking brilliant photo. The camera is secondary." Kurshid judges a picture's quality by its use of lights and its spontaneity- "by the fact that one moment later it would have all gone," he says. "If someone can turn the ordinary into a dream, that person to me is a genius."

And btw, Kurshid uploads all his 200 pictures and counting on his Flickr site. I post mine here :)

Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

It is the time of the year again where I have to crack my head, and empty my already very "empty wallet" to buy gifts for close friends, relatives and colleagues (and by that, I mean, boss). It is quite stressful when it comes to shopping for gifts cos you really do not know what he/she will like or do not like or how they'd criticise your choice of gifts. Maybe I think so much.

Maybe I did.

But, I had a lot of fun coming up with new ideas esp. for my little nieces and nephews. The boys, of cos, will get predictable stuff like chocolates but the girls will have something a little more fun like, my little gold bags (see above) filled with lotsa candies. I know I should not encourage kids to have candies cos you really do not what them to become randy and uncontrollable - damaging anything and everything in the house or colorful walls filled with uncomprehensible drawings and scribbles. But, that is not my problem. It's my brothers and sisters problems. Haha...

I have also gotten a close friend a mobile phone strap (see above) which will possibly be (crossing fingers) Muse Studio's new project. Stay tune.

Meantime, I will be on a long holiday...well, till Monday-lah. Wishin' all my readers a SPLENDID CHRISTMAS with lotsa blessings and a FANTABULOUS New Year! And, thanks for keep coming back.

Love y'all.

Ho ho ho...


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Suzuki Sport

Compact does not have to mean conventionalWith a desire to ensure quality and a sense of fun, Suzuki's DNA is crystallised in the Swift Sport. With race inspired specifications, your imagination will be tested. Swift Sport is not only a car to be driven; it is a way of life to be experienced.

This is an extreme Sport.With its high performance credentials, the latest offering from Suzuki, is a real sports car - Swift Sport.Immersed in the racing cockpit, you form a relationship with the car that is unrivalled. With the accelerator down, and your imagination ignited, the performance suspension will harness all roads, and excite any driver.

Rally bred performance and reliabilityWhilst winning the Junior World Rally Championship, the Suzuki was regularly pushed to its limits and the Swift's potential came to the fore. 2004, in the Suzuki Ignis Super 1600, P-G Andersson won the drivers championship.Then in 2005, bringing with it the Suzuki spirit from the previous year and whilst showing overwhelming strength, a new machine was catching the attention of rally fans all over the world, the Swift Super 1600 suddenly debuted at the 5th round (rally of Finland) of the JWRC.The passion and technologies gained from competing in motor sports are used to develop all Suzuki products, but are even more obvious in the exciting Swift Sport.

Blah blah blah....what.ever.


Friday, December 15, 2006


16 days.

16 more days to 2007.

Gosh. Time flies when you are having fun. Yes, 2006 has been a fantastic year for me. And, I hope in the last 16 days it could be even more fruitful. How, I do not know but I believe in good karma. Of cos, there were the "unhappy moments" esp. in the beginning of the year but overall it has been great.

So what have I achieved for the past 349 days? Hmm...

To be continued...

ps: I can't wait for our annual Christmas gathering, and this time it is 'DIRRRRRTY Christmas' and I have been appointed to be the Games Master. Sweet. And btw, Angelina Jolie looks HOT in Vogue, Jan 07.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mobile Camera v2.03

Pictures galore from my cellphone.
{Top to bottom}

  1. Ad checking out postcards in our favorite (yeah, self-proclaimed) cafe in Chatuchak. We do not know what it's called but we love it cos it is pose-y-mosie, and very creative decor. We spotted Illy Coffee and intuitively walked straight to it.
  2. Me stirring my Illy Cappuccino. Bit sweet lor.
  3. My very naughty niece spotting a very tiny tie on my dad's 71st Burfday.
  4. Atrium, KL: A cosy dining place/bar in Asian Heritage Row. I love it cos it's interior is cosy, unpretentious, great service and good selection of cocktails and wines available. I haven't tried the food just yet. Someday.
  5. Chinoz, KLCC: Recently refurbished, and looking every bit posh and sassy, this place is definitely on my top list for good cocktails. It is also good for a Sunday afternoon gossips hahahahaha.....great service, too.
  6. KLCC on a very clear sky evening
  7. Hoergaarden Blanc: I was first introduced to this beer by my boss. She was raving about how good it tastes so myself and a friend ordered a bottle each in Frangipani recently. It was heaven. Seriously.
  8. Diva V posing for the camera. She's good, I tell ya. And, yeah thanks for being soo supportive last Sunday. Love you much!

Monday, December 11, 2006

What is happening to the world?

I flipped on the newspaper this morning (NST) and there were a few disturbing news reported all around the world incl. our home news.

Sea cucumbers that looked like jellies were washed ashore in Penang. Fiercest fire in Australia in more than 70 years...Drought in another part of Australia and winter but no snow in Germany and some parts of the United States...Flood in Kelantan and Terengganu...Typhoon in the Philipines. I think these are but some indication that there could be a possibility of major weather changes all over the world and the world's 'great leaders' should sit up and pay attention than talking about war. It's quite depressing...I think we all have to start to love our mother earth more. It is never too late to begin, seriously.

The other news that caught my attention is the cover story, "New Age Kids":

"Today's kids are no longer in an 'awkward age' when they leave primary school. The children, especially those in the towns, are blooming at 3G speed - they are no longer self-conscious but brand-conscious. And they spend big bucks on their looks, not books. Welcome to the world of the Internet kids."

On the right hand side of the cover story, the paper wrote the TOP CONCERNS (of today's kids), and they are: -

  • Hairstyle
  • Face
  • Love Life
  • Clothes
  • Handphone

But I think they have also missed out on POPULARITY. Kids these days want to dress to impress. To be 'somebody' at very early age. And, the above combination is the right potion for successful career in POPULARITY contest. I blame this to Reality TV, seriously. C'mon. Do you really think tv series like, 'Swan', 'Extreme Makeover', 'Who wants to be a millionaire', 'American Idol', MTVs, and 'Simple Life' (to name just a few) are not responsible for changing the outlook of the society today, incl. KLites? A good example is that 'She Bang' guys. He wanna prove something and he did and in turn, he became more successful than the winner of that season for American Idol. Then, every dog and cat thinks they've got a shot in becoming popular.

I have friends who are in their early twenties and a lot of them are obssessed with their looks, their status and most of all, what they own. What do you mean what they own, I hear you asking? LV bags of any size, designs as long as it is LV, who cares? Tiffany's accessories, Victoria Beckham's hairstyle, Paris Hilton's look and Nicole Richie's stick-thin figure. It's hard to keep up if not baffling already. These group of people would go as far as judging you by what you own or do not own. It's quite sad, really, cos at the end of the day, it is just a brand that somebody made popular long long time ago and the media totally over hyped it up. If you asked me, LV is quite overrated and the designs are not great.

Whatever happened to individuality? Personality? However, to be fair, there are those who are fighting commercialism and popularism to stand out and these group of youths are usually intellectuals and more creative lot.

On a less depressing news, Muse Studio, had garnered a lot of good response from friends, family and strangers from the weekend markets. We were lucky to secure a spot at the Curve weekend market yesterday and business was pretty good as compared to Mont Kiara. It would've been better if it didn't rain, tho'. If anyone of you were in Mt. Kiara yesterday, many apologies for the last minute switch. Picture taken from the bazaar yesterday and more on Muse Studio.

Thursday, December 7, 2006

America's Idol

Taylor hicks first album since winning the much coveted American Idol early this year. hmm...i will get to listen to it this evening.

let's hope he doesn't do rock or country or pop *squirm*.

He looks good, tho'.

Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Ladies & gentlemen, let me present to you the weird, the funny, the cute and the vulgar side of Bangkok, Thailand :p

[top to bottom]

*pic 1 - 3: fluffy dog (not her real name. her real name is tata young) roaming around chatuchak* a group of locals and foreigners jamming on a hot sat noon in c. market * pink balloons in the middle of the day on a busy sat noon * pic 6-7: adorable puppies on sale in - they are so fcking adorable, i tell u. so wanna grab one home * penis affair. damn real, man. spotted in suan lum nite market * pic 9-10: funny Thai English hehe...*

all shot using my baby (below).

Monday, December 4, 2006

The wait is over


It has been a very exciting week and I have an announcement to make. It is the birth of our new company, Muse Studio (please visit our new blog cos Bling Design is officially erm, shut down) and also, the arrival of our brand spanking new and hot collection of Muse bags! Yes, I am thrilled from the start. Yesterday was our first time operating in the flea market and everything went pretty smoothly.

I'd like to thank many many people for helping us in making our dream come true. There's of cos, ad for being so patient and hardworking and for believing in me & us (goosey bumps), my family, and friends, namely Jeff, Clarence and especially Brennen for popping by yesterday and chilled out with us (not to mention clearing up the store for us, too, in his A/X top). Sweet, merci beaucoup!

I know a lot of my other friends are not informed (trust me, there are quite a number of you guys) and I was not bias or selective in letting my friends know about this. I, just, um, bit superstitious and I like to start it first then only announcing it to everyone ;) So, don't merajuk, yeah?

Here are some pictures shot and edited by Ad. Very nice pictures, I must add. And before I signed off, please pop by this Sunday to say Hi. We wont bite, I promise.

ps: Allow me to also congratulate Brennen for his brand spanking hot blog and for featuring our products in it. Love you lots!

Saturday, December 2, 2006

....counting down

In less than 24 hours...


Friday, December 1, 2006

#1 Fan

E: You know, I am her NO. 1 fan, ok
W: Seriously? She's gotta be blind.
E: &^%$#@@!!

What's with men and them bragging about their 'prized possession' aka Girlfriend. Can't they be more, um, humble? I guess that maketh the world. Just like today when my bubbly, chirpy friend confessed to me that she is suicidal. Who would've thought that a happy-go-lucky girl who smiles almost everytime I see her turned out to be suicidal? And I also found out she smokes. Sigh.

I got to catch 'Happy Feet' when I was in Bangkok recently (yeah, I know. There are soooo many happening places to go, and I went to catch a show) but it was worth it. I had stepped into the movie expecting barrels of laughter but I was wrong. The film maker touched on some serious enviromental issues. Nonetheless, it is definitely one of the more interesting movies this year. Oh and quite entertaining, too.