Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Suzuki Sport

Compact does not have to mean conventionalWith a desire to ensure quality and a sense of fun, Suzuki's DNA is crystallised in the Swift Sport. With race inspired specifications, your imagination will be tested. Swift Sport is not only a car to be driven; it is a way of life to be experienced.

This is an extreme Sport.With its high performance credentials, the latest offering from Suzuki, is a real sports car - Swift Sport.Immersed in the racing cockpit, you form a relationship with the car that is unrivalled. With the accelerator down, and your imagination ignited, the performance suspension will harness all roads, and excite any driver.

Rally bred performance and reliabilityWhilst winning the Junior World Rally Championship, the Suzuki was regularly pushed to its limits and the Swift's potential came to the fore. 2004, in the Suzuki Ignis Super 1600, P-G Andersson won the drivers championship.Then in 2005, bringing with it the Suzuki spirit from the previous year and whilst showing overwhelming strength, a new machine was catching the attention of rally fans all over the world, the Swift Super 1600 suddenly debuted at the 5th round (rally of Finland) of the JWRC.The passion and technologies gained from competing in motor sports are used to develop all Suzuki products, but are even more obvious in the exciting Swift Sport.

Blah blah blah....what.ever.



savante said...

Wah, sudah jual handbag, now beli kereta baru!

_ethnwg said...

paul, u quite 'salah' there. i've got a car and not goin to a new one any sooner unless i struck 4D

hahahahah........but i love the new swift sport. damn it.

merry xmas!