Monday, December 4, 2006

The wait is over


It has been a very exciting week and I have an announcement to make. It is the birth of our new company, Muse Studio (please visit our new blog cos Bling Design is officially erm, shut down) and also, the arrival of our brand spanking new and hot collection of Muse bags! Yes, I am thrilled from the start. Yesterday was our first time operating in the flea market and everything went pretty smoothly.

I'd like to thank many many people for helping us in making our dream come true. There's of cos, ad for being so patient and hardworking and for believing in me & us (goosey bumps), my family, and friends, namely Jeff, Clarence and especially Brennen for popping by yesterday and chilled out with us (not to mention clearing up the store for us, too, in his A/X top). Sweet, merci beaucoup!

I know a lot of my other friends are not informed (trust me, there are quite a number of you guys) and I was not bias or selective in letting my friends know about this. I, just, um, bit superstitious and I like to start it first then only announcing it to everyone ;) So, don't merajuk, yeah?

Here are some pictures shot and edited by Ad. Very nice pictures, I must add. And before I signed off, please pop by this Sunday to say Hi. We wont bite, I promise.

ps: Allow me to also congratulate Brennen for his brand spanking hot blog and for featuring our products in it. Love you lots!


savante said...

Wow. Those are real bags! Does that mean you are damned rich now?

_ethnwg said...

not if u come and buy ALL our bags. it's the season of giving hohoho.....

ok, jus pulling ur dicky. we've just started so quite poor. come over this sun ;)