Friday, December 22, 2006

Ho Ho Ho

It is the time of the year again where I have to crack my head, and empty my already very "empty wallet" to buy gifts for close friends, relatives and colleagues (and by that, I mean, boss). It is quite stressful when it comes to shopping for gifts cos you really do not know what he/she will like or do not like or how they'd criticise your choice of gifts. Maybe I think so much.

Maybe I did.

But, I had a lot of fun coming up with new ideas esp. for my little nieces and nephews. The boys, of cos, will get predictable stuff like chocolates but the girls will have something a little more fun like, my little gold bags (see above) filled with lotsa candies. I know I should not encourage kids to have candies cos you really do not what them to become randy and uncontrollable - damaging anything and everything in the house or colorful walls filled with uncomprehensible drawings and scribbles. But, that is not my problem. It's my brothers and sisters problems. Haha...

I have also gotten a close friend a mobile phone strap (see above) which will possibly be (crossing fingers) Muse Studio's new project. Stay tune.

Meantime, I will be on a long holiday...well, till Monday-lah. Wishin' all my readers a SPLENDID CHRISTMAS with lotsa blessings and a FANTABULOUS New Year! And, thanks for keep coming back.

Love y'all.

Ho ho ho...


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savante said...

Ooh chocolates. Yum.