Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Ladies & gentlemen, let me present to you the weird, the funny, the cute and the vulgar side of Bangkok, Thailand :p

[top to bottom]

*pic 1 - 3: fluffy dog (not her real name. her real name is tata young) roaming around chatuchak* a group of locals and foreigners jamming on a hot sat noon in c. market * pink balloons in the middle of the day on a busy sat noon * pic 6-7: adorable puppies on sale in c.market - they are so fcking adorable, i tell u. so wanna grab one home * penis affair. damn real, man. spotted in suan lum nite market * pic 9-10: funny Thai English hehe...*

all shot using my baby (below).


savante said...

WTF! WHy is that penis sticking out like that!?

Sam said...

I think Paul wants to buy it for himself. =P

_ethnwg said...

i din see it while browsing the stall but got a shock cos it looks so darn real!

not for sales, tho