Friday, December 1, 2006

#1 Fan

E: You know, I am her NO. 1 fan, ok
W: Seriously? She's gotta be blind.
E: &^%$#@@!!

What's with men and them bragging about their 'prized possession' aka Girlfriend. Can't they be more, um, humble? I guess that maketh the world. Just like today when my bubbly, chirpy friend confessed to me that she is suicidal. Who would've thought that a happy-go-lucky girl who smiles almost everytime I see her turned out to be suicidal? And I also found out she smokes. Sigh.

I got to catch 'Happy Feet' when I was in Bangkok recently (yeah, I know. There are soooo many happening places to go, and I went to catch a show) but it was worth it. I had stepped into the movie expecting barrels of laughter but I was wrong. The film maker touched on some serious enviromental issues. Nonetheless, it is definitely one of the more interesting movies this year. Oh and quite entertaining, too.

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savante said...

You watched Happy Feet in Siamese?!