Thursday, November 30, 2006

'Kan Cheong' Spider

'Kan cheong' spider aka Randy Spider, shoddy character, wanna-be yuppie, and funny thai boys are some of the characters that I have heard of for the past one week.

It's been one hell of a ride. Seriously. It was more joy than despair. More adventure than disappointments. More love than usual. Corrrrrny, I know, I know. Oh what the hell. Life's too short to be so serious. Now, do I really wanna talk about Randy Spider? Hahahahaha.....I had so much fun listening to my boss talking about Randy Spider.

B: Hey, L. Do you know you've got a new nickname?
L: What NICKNAME? *Sat up and slightly randy-ish.
B: 'Kan Cheong' Spider. Ha HA ha HA...

L is cute. But not Wanna-be Yuppie who'd whore himself, lose his personality JUST to get what he wants. Pathetic. If you want to talk about biz, be straight forward. No pussyfooting, and sharing stories about your mom buying you condominiums, and I used to own this and that. Brat. I hate braggy brat. Seriously. If you have the substance, you really do not need to brag. We just do it and immerse ourselves with the success. Ha ha ha...

The other day I was chatting with my girlfriend and she complained...

G: How come all the men I've met are either married or attached? Or, GAY?!?
M: That's cos u need to lose weight, sweetie. Hahaha...Ok. Seriously. 7 out of 10 is married or attached. The other two is gay and remaining one is psychotic/mommy's boy, like chronic.
G: GOSH! I'm doomed.
M: No lah. Mommy's boy got mommy to support you.
G rolled her eyes!
M: C'mon, let's go shopping.

My BKK trip had been a lot of fun. It was quite adventurous - imagine funny thai boys and massage parlours - and I have to say that of the many times I had visited BKK, this is the only time I get to learn more than I had previously. Upcoming post...stay tune.


savante said...

Wow. What kinda naughty things did you learn in Bangkok?

_ethnwg said...

hahahaha...... LOTS of "stuff"

how are you btw? ;)