Monday, November 20, 2006


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no, you did not see double. it's me. i am darn kiasu. i like to repeat things to make it dramatic. repeating things can be a good thing like, orgasm, and LV monograms. anywhos, those are the pics from my weeknd outing. all shots using my new baby! w810i sony ericsson.

{from left to right} my nephew; missy v lounging @ our place after a very heavy meal albeit delicious one, merci; jasmine tea & honey from alexis; aunty siaw & BTBB hoping to win all my monies in mahjong!; something mutton from sevenatenine (i love sevenatenine); ad surfing in alexis; ad again; tiramisu from alexis; petaling street on a scorching thursday (not exactly my weeknd); alexis great eastern mall (main pic);

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