Wednesday, November 8, 2006


You think your Kancil could fit in all these? Think again ..

And the winner goes to ...

It was between the shark or the chickens but I thought the piglets are darn cute. But, poor little piggies. There are obviously on the way to the nearest Chinese restaurant where all the salivating Hongkies or Taiwanese waiting for their roasted piglets to be served.


savante said...

Think I need some pork ribs right about now.

defiant85 said...

Are these pics from VietNam? They look like it.

_ethnwg said...

u knw, i was thinking if there were shot in vietnam. or was it thailand?

not sure cos ive got these frm a fren

love ur blog, btw


Sam said...

And I thought the chickens were getting it bad! =P