Saturday, November 4, 2006

Positive Profession

Work is like super busy lately.

It is a good sign, really. Busy means lotsa business. Busy means PR time. Busy means short of staff (too). Short of staff means bad management. Errr...I can explain. My F-up staff resigned recently and when he pulled me to a corner of the store with a white envelope on the other hand, which I've identified it to be the store's property, I was sorta celebrating quietly inside.

Imagine fireworks at the background, Whitney singing 'Greatest Love of all', and ... wait. That's quite like an Olympic moment, no? Ok, you get my idea how much I want him to leave. He wanted me to advise him his period of notice. I'd like an immediate one, I told him. He was seemingly shocked and, sad. Too bad. Damage is done. I've had enough and I'd like to have a fresh new team for the shop with absolutely positive attitude.

I think it is so important to have positive attitude people to work for you cos it is something like a good PR for the company. I will give you a scenario. A positive attitude person attends to a sale. She remembers every details about the product, attentive and gentle. Customer is happy, and she tells her friends that she bought some products from shop ABC and said that, "You guys should visit it. They've got a lovely cafe with superb service too.

Imagine the crowd the next day. Ok, I sound like I am advertising.

So, did I hire any positive attitude people? Yes. Unfortunately, a lot of them could not work long term as the cite reasons like,

  • 'My mom doesn't like the idea of me working here cos I am missing my studies'. Right.
  • My girlfriend works cos she want to have more money when she is overseas'. And?
  • 'I am very tired. See, I've got Salonplas on both of my legs!' *showed me her pretty legs all plastered up with Salonplas. I tell ya, I've never seen so much of Salonplas stuck on a person's leg in my life! She beats my mother and my grandmother hands down. But, I was sympathetic and I let her go.
Young kids these days. I used to work for KFC, Starbucks and I had no problems. Ok, I think I do sound like my mother now. Anyways, it was all good. They (see above) were very hardworking bunch. Sporty, enthusiasistic and err quite positive.

Now, I am not sure if I want to hire that guy who used to work as a Massaeur ... for a Men's Spa that incl. UB*

*Urut Batin


savante said...

But you didn't hire me.. boo hoo hoo. I apply apply also tak dapat. Boo hoo :P

Sam said...

Sometimes a masseur can be skilled in ways that you can never imagine. =P

P/S: How come I didn't get hired? I sent in my application weeks ago! =P


savante said...

Sam, they don't accept underaged :P

Sam said...

I'm not underaged! =P