Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Age of Innocence vs f*&^%morons

I had this conversation with my nephews last night...

Me: So. How was your holidays in Japan? (Kids these days damn lucky)

No reply. He looked tired and uninterested. Ok, different approach. After about 2 minutes, I asked again, "Did you guys have fun in Japan?"

Nephew01: Ok.

OK?! Japan was just OK? You have got to be kidding!

M: Ok? Japan is nice isn't it?

N01: Yeah but so tiring. Most of the time, we walked from one place to another place. Eat and walked and queue up. In the Disneyland, we walked and walked and walked and queued up and then walked.

M: Hehe...Ok, i got it. It was tiring.

N01: Yeah walk only until no more energy.

M: Did you guys take the bullet train?

Both: Yeah.

N01: It was very fast! Vooooooom and reached already.

N02: Yeah. Nice!

M: So. Did you guys learn how to speak Japanese?

Nephew #1 got excited at this question and quickly sat up right and think.

N01: Urm...

Nephew #2 quickly intervened, "Konichiwa! Konichiwa!" He continued until I said, "Toyota?"

They both burst out laughing.

N01: "I thought Toyota is a CAR?"

M: Mitsubishi? Suzuki? Sushi?

Both: No!! Hahahahaha.....

N01: They are not Japanese!

M: Sushi IS Japanese!

N01: No it is not. They dont speak English.

N02 continued chanting Konichiwa.

M: Watashiwa itchy-bawah desu neh.

Laughters were louder now from the both of them and the eldest one said, "Isn't itchy ....Hahahahaha". Rolling on the bed now and started scratching his bawah.

Sigh. The innocence of young kids. Don't you miss being young and ... innocent?

Speaking of innocence, I have got this thing that has been nagging me the whole day. It is about lies. The act of telling lies and why do people lie. I mean, yeah, we tell white lies and lie about certain things in life jus so we could get what we want or conceal what we do not want others to know, which is bad.

But lying about the whereabout you are and who you are with? BUT, for what? I think this friend of mine has got this thing with lying and is quite thrilled when we started questioning him (attention, attention), interogating him even. My theory is that he likes the attention by telling lies. Or, he is simply a compulsive liar that he doesn't even realise it. Dang, does he know it could damage his integrity AND credibility?

Do you lie to seek attention, too? I mean, for what? Please enlighten me, someone, please. And, attention seekers, I tak faham langsung lah.


savante said...

Sometimes you need some age and experience to enjoy places. I certainly preferred going abroad as an older teenager - certainly much more than I would if I were a callow child.

Sam said...

And I lie when I go places sometimes not for attention - but because IF mom finds out where I really am (out with friends, etc. etc.), I am so dead when I get home to her. She doesn't approve of all this social stuff... =P

_ethnwg said...

That is ok. I lied to my mom all the time during your age.