Friday, November 17, 2006

What a difference a day make...

I am in a jolly good mood today.

First of all, I went to the gym this morning and there she was, my favourite funky aunty with her "stylish" hair accessories. Her get up today reminded me a lot of that character from Lord of the Rings. Hm... But, seriously, she IS funky...and nice. Spotted her carrying a funky bag after class. I have grown to enjoy this class a lot. The people are friendly; imagine they greet each other as tho' they are neighbours. The instructor is always positive and quite funny. It's rather cosy.

I guess I needed some of that after I had recovered from stress-related sickness. That was what the doc said, which was partially true but I soon discovered it was too much tea, really. Speaking of doc, she found out that I am actually very fit cos my heart rate is like an athlete's. I can't be sick (doc, I faked it cos i wanna go shopping on a Saturday!). Ok, Seriously. She insisted that I take it easy and stop taking my 'Executive B' supplements. Granted. And, I am back and I am ready to kick some asses!

Anyways, so much took place recently. Dramas, good news, bad news...that is why I think I need to rear fish. I think it is fucking theraupeudic (shoosh, did i spell that right? i'm quite anal) cos I saw my friends little fishes the other day at her place. I think I need some good 'chi' also. Yeah, im quite into Feng Shui. Any experts here?

Oh, and and I finally changed my cellphone! Love my new 'toy'.

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savante said...

The doctor felt your heart? Can I do that too? :P I've got an MD and everything.

Hey, the funky auntie is so fun!