Thursday, November 23, 2006

Francis Francis!

I am thrilled!

Yes, ask me why I am thrilled and I can talk to you the whole night about it. Ok, seriously. I am thrilled cos 1) we are selling
illy coffee; so, paul can stop patronising downstairs now 2) i've finally met the quintessential paul sung, and the amicable sam. Our meeting was odd, to say the least haha... 3) the shop is looking nicer each day 4) my trip is just around the corner, and im ecstatic (im hiding it pretty well, trust me) 5) sean ghazi has just released an album, and it is called Semalam

Ok, maybe not the last part. But he sounds pretty good and I love his version of "Belaian Jiwa".

The other other thing that I am thrilled is that I have finally found a coffee machine that is 1) not too expensive 2) fully manual. i repeat: FULLY MANUAL! 3) it is HOT as hell. like brad pitt on this month's Vanity Fair cover. 4) retro-modern!

But, seriously. Which medieval dungu needs a FULLY MANUAL coffee machine when you can purchase a FULLY AUTOMATIC coffee machine that is sleek, sexy and makes damn good coffee? For a start, I used to work in Starbucks and I do know a bit of coffee and it's literature i.e. different type of roasts, how to make a good latte and cappuccino - it ain't easy esp. frothing the milk. Therefore, I always believe in getting a semi-automatic machine cos it is definitely more fun to work around with and i like retro-modernish looking stuff. Seriously.

francis francis
... Cute name, isn't it?

I'm such a idealistic materialist. Sigh...


Sam said...

Our meeting was weird? O_O

How so... LOL.

And we didn't go to Alexis for Illy Coffee whatsoever, just for Paul's favorite cakes (he had Banoffee... YUCK!) and lunch. You should have so joined us! =P

And I just love Sean Ghazi's new picture on the album... so sexy. =P

johnybravo said...

how much does the coffe maker cost?

_ethnwg said...

The coffee machine is very affordable. Cheaper than ur camera, johnny bravo :p

anyways, when we are selling it in the shop, I will let u guys know

sam, we will talk abt it when we meet soon, k


johnybravo said...

oh you meant you're selling the coffee machine? not selling coffee with that brand?

_ethnwg said...

we're selling the coffee machine and the coffee as well...