Monday, December 11, 2006

What is happening to the world?

I flipped on the newspaper this morning (NST) and there were a few disturbing news reported all around the world incl. our home news.

Sea cucumbers that looked like jellies were washed ashore in Penang. Fiercest fire in Australia in more than 70 years...Drought in another part of Australia and winter but no snow in Germany and some parts of the United States...Flood in Kelantan and Terengganu...Typhoon in the Philipines. I think these are but some indication that there could be a possibility of major weather changes all over the world and the world's 'great leaders' should sit up and pay attention than talking about war. It's quite depressing...I think we all have to start to love our mother earth more. It is never too late to begin, seriously.

The other news that caught my attention is the cover story, "New Age Kids":

"Today's kids are no longer in an 'awkward age' when they leave primary school. The children, especially those in the towns, are blooming at 3G speed - they are no longer self-conscious but brand-conscious. And they spend big bucks on their looks, not books. Welcome to the world of the Internet kids."

On the right hand side of the cover story, the paper wrote the TOP CONCERNS (of today's kids), and they are: -

  • Hairstyle
  • Face
  • Love Life
  • Clothes
  • Handphone

But I think they have also missed out on POPULARITY. Kids these days want to dress to impress. To be 'somebody' at very early age. And, the above combination is the right potion for successful career in POPULARITY contest. I blame this to Reality TV, seriously. C'mon. Do you really think tv series like, 'Swan', 'Extreme Makeover', 'Who wants to be a millionaire', 'American Idol', MTVs, and 'Simple Life' (to name just a few) are not responsible for changing the outlook of the society today, incl. KLites? A good example is that 'She Bang' guys. He wanna prove something and he did and in turn, he became more successful than the winner of that season for American Idol. Then, every dog and cat thinks they've got a shot in becoming popular.

I have friends who are in their early twenties and a lot of them are obssessed with their looks, their status and most of all, what they own. What do you mean what they own, I hear you asking? LV bags of any size, designs as long as it is LV, who cares? Tiffany's accessories, Victoria Beckham's hairstyle, Paris Hilton's look and Nicole Richie's stick-thin figure. It's hard to keep up if not baffling already. These group of people would go as far as judging you by what you own or do not own. It's quite sad, really, cos at the end of the day, it is just a brand that somebody made popular long long time ago and the media totally over hyped it up. If you asked me, LV is quite overrated and the designs are not great.

Whatever happened to individuality? Personality? However, to be fair, there are those who are fighting commercialism and popularism to stand out and these group of youths are usually intellectuals and more creative lot.

On a less depressing news, Muse Studio, had garnered a lot of good response from friends, family and strangers from the weekend markets. We were lucky to secure a spot at the Curve weekend market yesterday and business was pretty good as compared to Mont Kiara. It would've been better if it didn't rain, tho'. If anyone of you were in Mt. Kiara yesterday, many apologies for the last minute switch. Picture taken from the bazaar yesterday and more on Muse Studio.

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