Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Mobile Camera v2.03

Pictures galore from my cellphone.
{Top to bottom}

  1. Ad checking out postcards in our favorite (yeah, self-proclaimed) cafe in Chatuchak. We do not know what it's called but we love it cos it is pose-y-mosie, and very creative decor. We spotted Illy Coffee and intuitively walked straight to it.
  2. Me stirring my Illy Cappuccino. Bit sweet lor.
  3. My very naughty niece spotting a very tiny tie on my dad's 71st Burfday.
  4. Atrium, KL: A cosy dining place/bar in Asian Heritage Row. I love it cos it's interior is cosy, unpretentious, great service and good selection of cocktails and wines available. I haven't tried the food just yet. Someday.
  5. Chinoz, KLCC: Recently refurbished, and looking every bit posh and sassy, this place is definitely on my top list for good cocktails. It is also good for a Sunday afternoon gossips hahahahaha.....great service, too.
  6. KLCC on a very clear sky evening
  7. Hoergaarden Blanc: I was first introduced to this beer by my boss. She was raving about how good it tastes so myself and a friend ordered a bottle each in Frangipani recently. It was heaven. Seriously.
  8. Diva V posing for the camera. She's good, I tell ya. And, yeah thanks for being soo supportive last Sunday. Love you much!

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