Tuesday, April 10, 2007

These girls are made to Sing

I don't know what is the fuss with Beyonce's new single, Beautiful Liar, featuring Shakira. The video is lame, the gyrating is so not sexy and very choreographed. The song, well, quite boring, if you asked me. Beyonce should chill for a little while and let these girls do the singing.

And, I mean singing. Not shouting.

You'd probably think I must be kidding about Jennifer Lopez and her singing, right? You are right. She's no soul singer comparing to the rest of the lot but this time, she has matured since marrying that skinny dude; or, so I'd like to think. I haven't listened to it, yet. I simply love the cover :p

Mama Macy is fabulous. Best album ever.


jase said...

never like macy gray.. her voice.. like.. she dun drink enough water.. always got sore throat.. hehe :P

_ethnwg said...

but that ultimately made her different. no?