Monday, April 23, 2007


Ah....It's nice to be back in good ol' PJ. Breathe the familiar air, eat the familiar food and talk the familiar language. I finally gave in to the temptation and walked into a massage parlour on my last day in Bangkok. It was, in short, awesome - if you must know, the masseur was about 130 pound with long hair and stubby face. Quite cute lady, she is :)

Speaking of language, I was rather lost in translation except for some very foul language that I did not or could not utter to the cabbie who drove me to the airport yesterday. It was a dreadful 20 minutes drive cos I simply abhor him. I was imagining all the things I could do if I have superpower. At that time, I wished I was Wolverine.

Before I stepped into the cab, I had specifically told the staff from the hotel that I want my cab to run the meter and he could use the "super" highway. He nodded several times and said yes. His yes was acrid - he tried to get a cab for me for BHT600.00 (usually it comes up to not more than BHT280.00 incl. toll) to the airport earlier but I told him off. As soon as the asshole (I figured that is the best name that suits him) stepped on the accelerator, he tried to be chummy with me talking about the new airport. I noticed he did not start the meter and I started arguing with him. We came to a price (BHT325.00 incl. toll) finally cos I thought it was pointless since I was in his car. I will, however, write to the people from the Thai Trade Department by specifically indicating the asshole's car plate number.

The days before I went to Bangkok, I read an article on the newspaper at which the reporter interviewed a few students on their opinions on the recent banning of Manglish used in public. All of them were not amused at all and they feel it is really unnecessary. Manglish, they said, is part of Malaysians' lives. I couldn't agree more. I used to snob my fellow classmates back in college when they used Manglish cos it sounded "low-class" (I was still growing, people, cut me some slack!) At present, I enjoy using my Manglish as much as I love eating my thosai and drinking my "pull-tea" in the morning. Without it, it just feels not right, like eating roti canai without the curry or chow kway teow without the "see ham" (cockerels).

Imagine this make-believe conversation:

Spunky Nina: Hey! I heard you just came back from Bangkok wor! Sidai nyawa lah! (Translated from Cantonese which means, show off)

Me: Haha...don't simply talk three, talk four! (Translated from Cantonese which means, slander). It was for work and of cos, shopping too!

SN: Really ah? So did you buy anything for me?

Me: No wor. I where got time. I've got so much on my itinerary I don't even have time to sleep!

SN: Wah! LCLY (Cantonese which means, erm, arrogant) now lah! Hehehe...Did you go see those 'live' Thai boys shows?

Me: Fu-yoh!! Damn cun, man! Those guys are really good lah.

SN: Ya kah? Steam (Loosely defined as excited or aroused) already lah!

Disclaimer: The above conversation can only be "talk" on a yum cha session in a mamak stall. If used in your work place, or with a client who is unfamiliar with Malaysian culture, you might be thought of as imbecile.


savante said...

Fu-yoh! You saw the cute boys? Damn I miss them too! Wonder if we could import a few.

m5lvin said...

There are words that can't be replaced by any English words...if not it will turn out to be tarak chun la.....