Thursday, October 12, 2006

top spin

i was driving back home after a pretty late dinner at bangsar with ad. windows were opened, and the cool breeze of the evening was rather pleasant. and, at that moment, my cd player was playing Keane's 'Bad Dream'. it was not the first time i listened to that song. but last night was the first time i truly fell in love with it. it is like, when you first met a person, you think he/she was pretty alright. good looking, funny, & smells not too bad. but, the following meeting in a particular location or weather, it suddenly struck on you ur in love with him/her. isn't that strange? fyi, it had happened to me :)

the following track was John Mayer's 'Dreaming with a Broken Heart'. it was spot on. cos...err, i got all sentimental *blush* and, i thought it could be a great song to be included in Grey's Anatomy.

i still have not got hold of Jet's sophomore album, 'Shine On' but there have been rave reviews.
i can't wait.

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