Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Sexy (Back)

You know when 'Sexy Back' was released, i was so hooked to it, i had to listen at least once a day. At one time, i told ad that this song is a great track for a fashion show, esp. for Victoria Secret's annual fashion show (around Christmas time).

And, guess what? JT has been scheduled to headline the most anticipated event of the year! And, i'm guessing he's not gonna show his sexy back but sing it (cos, really, i'd rather see adriana lima's or gisele's bon bon).

Speaking of sexy back, check out these photos shot by Steve Klein for Vogue's magazine recently. Really nice photos eventho' i am not crazy about the subject(s) matter.

Superficial Divas

Still on entertainment biz, TJ Knight who plays George in Grey's Anatomy has come out recently. Aww.... he's gotta be the cutest gay actor in tinseltown.


savante said...

Ooh. Get that sexy back!

Sam said...

Isn't he just cute? =)