Monday, October 30, 2006

Di Sini Hantu, Di Sana Hantu ...

Last weekend, again, had been a lot of fun & productive.

We got out last Saturday nite 'cos 1) it was Halloween nite 2) we wanted to partay! Although none of us dressed up as 'Pontianak', or 'Hantu Susu', we spotted quite a few. First, it was at Soul'ed Out and then, in LQ. At Soul'ed Out, there were quite a few walking 'zombies' roaming around the restaurant/pub. Some convincingly adorable (yeah, adorable), others quite silly looking. But, mostly it was applaudable for their effort...I should not discuss about what they did to the gents. The latter (LQ), we spotted quite a number of 'salah hantu'...

SALAH HANTUs? Ok, imagine pink feathers put together and stuck on to a Muscle Mary's (yes, he was quite in character) back which turned out to be unimaginative & erm, lame. Then there was 'Hantu Cheras' who dressed up in a cape, 'fang' and nothing else. Oh wait. I think there was a hot mini pants. Touche. And, there was this dude completely dolled up like that little grudging boy from 'The Grudge', just that he was a little too big to be him.

My favourites have got to be 'Pontianak Baju Kurung' & 'Barenaked Angels', which was named by BTBB. I'd say that was quite imaginative considering that he was already buzzed right before the party started *giggles* BTBB, not 'Barenaked Angels'. 'Hantus' aside, we all had a lot of fun. I think the last time I had so much fun was when a fren from the States came back to visit. It also proved to me that night that 6 degrees of separation is so understated.

I am happy to read that the 'Hantu' from Klang has been stripped off his title and some of his illegal shops have been instructed to close down. What took them so long to decide? It was blardy obvious he is corrupted. Think I've had enough of all these 'hantu politiks'.

I think I have been quite inspired by some new found frens lately. It is nice to know that they are ppl out there who are willing to share and be supportive of what you do even if you do not know them or seen them (yes, paul, you're one of them hehe...). Sadly, I can't say that of some of my close frens. But, i guess the word close is quite relative. I don't know, really *Shrugs*

Go watch 'The Departed' if you have not cos it is very very good. 'Infernal Affairs' (HK) was much stylised and slower pace, 'The Departed' is fast and furious. You could tell the actors are very much into their characters. Leo's intensity and hopelessness, and the sex-starve, cold-blooded Jack Nicholson. Definitely not for the faint-hearted or chicks.

Highly Recommended CDs:

+ James Morrisson's 'Undiscovered'. Not at all James Blunt (all the radio DJs seemed to call him that. So sad). Raw talent, great voice, full of soul and you could certainly feel the emotions in each songs. Undiscovered is so appropriately titled. Guess not anymore.

+ P Diddy's 'Press Play' Yes, i cant believe i recommend y'all p diddy but it is fcking good shits. A few notable tracks but mostly featuring a lot of other artistes. I guess that's what happened when you can only rap.


savante said...

Halloween bukan malam ini ah? Apasal awal sangat?

But anyway, I'm nice because I adore home decor stuff and I also enjoy discounts :P


Sam said...

Discounts and home decor stuff. Awesome stuffs. =)

Yeah... isn't Halloween like NOW? And I mean now NOW, coz' it's 4.44 am (whoa, what timing) in the morning and it's the 31st October.

On a side note: it's Tuesday - perfect day for Swensen's ice cream Earthquake... and it's the 31st, which means Baskin Robbins is giving 31% discount on ice cream. =)

_ethnwg said...

u guys are cute. we should meet up. oh by the way, paul. ive never got to wish you a very happy belated burfday!


Sam said...

I'm meeting Paul one of these days! Tag along lar! =) Then we can have a guys night / day out! =P