Saturday, October 28, 2006


There's no more haze! It's something that the country should celebrate about! I could finally see KLCC and Menara Telekom from my crib! And, smell the fresh air! Arghh.....

When I first read about the released of Sony 'Mylo' on the newspaper weeks back, I was so grinnin' like a school boy cos of it's super cool design and its super cool functions. 'Mylo' is all about fun, says the Sony dude. It offers users super cool way of instant messaging anywhere, everywhere (WIFI/Bluetooth enabled) and multimedia functions ie MP3 player, and video. Sounds like a super cool version of iPod. However, what disappoints me is that it does not have a built-in camera. The device allows users to store images, why not have a built-in camera? My guess is as good as yours. 'Mylo ver. 2' with built-in camera! Whooey! Stupid marketing strategy.

I have finally seen the finale of 'Project Runway 3'. Jeffrey, the obnoxious, melodramatic dude who used to have a problem with his anger, took home the USD100,000 cash prize and other goodies. No doubt his collection was the most innovative one amongst the four of them, but I really like Uli's collection and same goes to Laura. To pick Uli as the winner would've been too predictable for the judges, I supposed. I think having to showcase their work on the Olympus Fashion Week is good enough for them since that is the time they could show it to millions of people that they are talented.

Jeffrey's design

Laura's Design

Uli's Design


Sam said...

Funny thing is: the Mylo looks like a PSP. Is Sony running out of design ideas?

savante said...

Not sure about the Mylo since tech gadgets give me a headache :)
But I do like Uli's design.