Monday, October 16, 2006


i have like, 3 million things to do.

figure of speech, of cos. i like to exaggerate things to really emphasise the point. or, am i deep down a drama queen? hmmm.....maybe a tad bit. like, 25%. i am a 110% drama queen when im buzzed or stress, tho' :P

speaking of alcohol, i haven't been drinking since i really do not know when. i have been wanting to try this cocktail recipe ive got from
GQ mag. it's a mixture of bailey's and coffee and ice-cream. yum.

i should be going back to work now since i've wasted 10,000 seconds writing this. short note to those who have visited my blog and left comments, thanks so much.

sam, i thought jonathan's reply to you on 'Why oh Why' post was totally hilarious. and, ive to agree with you that politics are stupid. and some ppl are just born cute (sigh, i've got to accept it). and being single ain't that bad, really. go out more and have lotsa fun! geee...did i jus sound like aunt agony? what the...

Drama queens turned Desperate Housewives? - YAWN -


savante said...

Love anything with Bailey's! So why did Haagen Dazs stop that taste in malaysia?

_ethnwg said...

high cost? *shrugs*

i miss my rum & raisins, too


Sam said...

Aunt Agony... LOL! Anyway, everyone's suggesting I go out and have fun, but that's easier said than done since most of my friends are all party-poopers who don't like late nights and clubbing. Unless you're willing to follow me to Liquid; I'm too jittery to be going out alone to bars. O_O

You never know what can happen... =P

Sam said...

P/S: I HEART Rum Raisin. =P So I get my dose at Baskin Robbins.

_ethnwg said...




Sam said...

Ini kah...

Kena tanya Paul dulu... LOL! He's supposed to take me I think. =P