Wednesday, October 4, 2006

supposed blog junkie

I have a lot of things that I wanted to blog lately.

Last Thursday, I wanted to blog about my shopping experience at Midvalley (MV). You see, i have not stepped into MV for eons cos ad doesn't like going there and we hardly shop these days. Well, let's just say i don't do shopping as much as when i was with my ex.

oooh...sensitive issue.

so yeah. shopping. it wasn't great. but it was theraupeutic (did i spell that right?). i think i like Top Man's new range. very RockStar.

And then, last Sunday I wanted to blog about Amazing Race um, mmmm......11? i lost count. but, yeah, i didn't write anything about AR#11 or #10? but we automatically like the HOT, no, no...not the BEAUTY QUEENS! ARGH, NOOOoooo...not the BALDING QUEENS! Sighhhhh......really, the ghetto queens are just not my thang. SO, go figure.

i miss Prison Break S#2 :(

...and whiny, Ally McBeal-ish Dr. Meredith Grey. well, for the most part, i miss McSteamy. I think they should have a McSteamy meal in McDonalds. that'll be hot.

im tired.

i was supposed to blog about the things tat irk me on the way to work today. like, how many crocodiles do these damn fucks want to kill just so they could find the REAL "bujang" who chomped away Ali? ok, i forgot the boy's name, so, im guilty but hey if his name is more glamourous, i woulda remembered. like, Mawie or Sami or Badwi.

ooohhh...sensitive issue#2.

and, hey u perverts out there! stop imagining all three of them fondling at each other, ok. cos that's NOT gonna happened!

im tired. i was supposed to blog about learning baking. i miss o brien's Banana Walnut muffin. sigh. and if ur wondering WTF are Josh Harnett's pics doing here, then, i suggest u can stop wondering and start lusting.

i need to lubricate my eyes.

ps: and, thanks for visiting and supporting bling design. more updates soon. oh, did i talk about The Devil wears Prada and how good it was? no?, i've got so much shits to talk about. i'm tired.


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